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APRIL 1, 2012 1:37PM

The Final Nail in Santorum's Political Coffin

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The Final Nail in Santorum's Political Coffin


In a display of remarkable journalistic fortitude, the beauteous and bright Shannon Bream managed to make it through an interview with Karen Santorum without, to use her husband's recently used expression, throwing up.


Is it possible that there are any voters out there who really want a president who takes his orders from God while kneeling around the kitchen table, recently cleared of pancakes of his (not His) own creation? Do we want a First Lady whose first priority is to siphon off dwindling national resources to the service of, not the accomplished and promising, but rather the disabled and hopeless?


Romney at least takes his Mormonism with a big block of salt and I can't recall his heroic wife, Ann, ever suggest that her home life is anything like the sloppy, slobbering mess that Karen Santorum portrays.


Fortunately, it looks like the Santorum clan will quickly return to praying and pancakes. Thank God!

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Mr. Santorum does seem a ignorant of the meaning of the First Amendment as the incumbent President.
s/b . . . "as ignorant". . .

. . . and . . rated. . . of course
I agree that Santorum has overdone it, but I was pleased that a candidate was willing to make a big deal about social issues. Maybe it's just my age speaking, but I think that the national character has turned rotten over the years. I remember, for example, when there was nothing you could call a drug problem. Now a very severe drug p
...problem is almost taken for granted. Then there is the dissolution of the American family. But I will stop here, because I don't want to be an old bore.

Your observations regarding our values correspond with mine.

However, this President is either unwilling to recognize, or incapable of recognizing, that the First Amendment prevents him, and the national government, from interfering with the manner in which we put our moral beliefs to practice. Maybe the Catholics will take Obama to the Church of the Constitution some day for inspiration.

Similarly, candidate Santorum seems unaware of the First Amendment's proscription against legislating our moral beliefs. Catholic Rick seems to subscribe to the notion that this is what the national government should do and can do. A quick look at the War on Drugs should convince us all of what the government is incapable of doing. A quick reminder of President Obama’s clumsy attempts to force the Catholic church to provide contraceptive medicines should convince us all of what the government is unable to do.