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Sao Paulo, Brasil
November 09
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Retired lawyer, playwright, Author of So You Think You Know English: A Guide to English for Those Who Think They Don't Need One. ISBN: 978-1-61546-414-2 and Wet Firecrackers http://www.publishamerica.net/product3892Slipping on Stardust was released on 1/11/13. Check it out at http://i-m.co/GordonOsmond/SlippingonStardust Osmond's latest novel, Turner's Point, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.


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SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 10:40AM

The Lessons of 9/11/2012

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Lessons can be learned from 9/11/2012. That was the day when a American ambassador was assassinated and the country humiliated throughout the mid-east because of the wimpy international policies of Barack Obama. It was the day when the "outstretched hand" policies of Barack Obama bore very bitter fruit. It was the day when America apologized for its tradition of free speech.

But America has a way of adjusting. This latest foreign policy disaster, along with economic indicators that demonstrate that the all-important trends are heading downward, will shortly cleanse the Oval Office of its current, albeit occasional, occupant.

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foreign policy, obama

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