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SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 9:04AM

Romney Rocks!

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Romney Rules!


It’s almost enough to make one believe in God. In the very city where Obama first announced his outreach to Muslims, Muslims, from heads of government to street urchins, are basically saying, “no thanks.” And to have the total collapse of the Obama policy occur throughout the region within days of the day when Americans will be choosing a new leader is absolutely providential.


The Obama policy collapse is manifest most dramatically in Libya, where the destruction of American property is capped with the taking of American lives on sovereign territory. I know that Obama is sort of hard to find these days with far flung and unpostponeable fundraisers filling his dance card, surely someone could have told him that 9/11 is sort of an important date and probably not one when it would be a good idea to have the American ambassador to Libya travel to a consulate where security was scanty at best. Had he been aware of the facts, he would probably have answered, "But I smooth-talked them; how could they fail to be enchanted by my rhetoric?"


Would that the protective barriers at that consulate been as strong as those raised by the mainstream media to protect their precious president. Since Obama’s misconceptions and negligence are clearly indefensible, distraction is the only viable stratagem. The distractions are Romney and a video.


If Hillary Clinton is indeed giving up her post as Secretary of State, she should consider a career as an entertainment publicist. Her solemn denouncements of the video at issue have done more to bring attention to it than the creators could have ever hoped. The passion of her excoriation has apparently laid a foundation for a governmental investigation of the work’s creators.


If that investigation proceeds, the terrorists will have won. If the United States presumes to pressure those exercising freedom of speech, it’s all over. I would think that liberals would understand the importance of this, but most are so totally besotted by Obama that their vision is fatally flawed.


In this miasma of negligence, confusion and presidential hubris, Romney clarifies the difference between American and Muslim values with the simple statement that religious sensitivity is no excuse for violence.


The hypocrisy of the Muslim position is so extreme as to be laughable but for the Muslim penchant for violence. The idea that the Muslim prophet cannot be ridiculed, that the Muslim faith cannot be abandoned, and/or that women cannot express themselves as freely as men, all without fatal consequences is simply barbaric and insane. But of course, selected sand monkeys are perfectly entitled to defame the American flag, which in a very real sense is a symbol of America’s dominant religion—love of country and the principles it holds sacred.  But if Hillary characterizes Islam as a “great religion” I suppose we’ll just have to accept that assessment.


Romney’s prompt identification of the idiocy of the Obama administration’s defensive maneuvers to the collapse of his international policies expresses the common sense reaction of clear thinking Americans. When the media tires of its increasingly transparent efforts to obscure that basic truth, the U.S., with a breath of fresh presidential air, will be well on its way to political, social, economic, and, most important, philosophical recovery.


© 2012 Gordon Osmond

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Thanks, Arthur.

Would it be too much to ask our president to make it clear to Islam that under OUR religion, there is a big diff' between words, unfeeling or not, and sticks and stones?
Gordon, He is in their pocket, and they treat him like lint. If the voters don't put him out on his ear, then this country is hopeless.