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November 09
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NOVEMBER 2, 2012 8:04AM

How Can Anyone Seriously Consider a Vote for Obama?

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Sandhazigate—Obama’s Moral Failure


As evidence of Obama’s malfeasance in office concerning Benghazigate continues to seep through the MSM screen, voters are beginning to see how they’re being manipulated by Obama’s hit-and-run approach to Sandy. Click, click, and he’s off and running and, shamelessly, to the very place where he hid out while brave Americans were losing their lives crying for protection that never came.


Now he’s calling for a Business Czar. Who’s going to tell him we’ve already got one who is about to dispossess him in the White House?


One thing you’ve got to give Obama. His lies are so blatant and his tactics so obviously self-serving that it’s easy to see through him notwithstanding a total absence of promised transparency on his part.


Let’s hope that early next week the tide will take out to sea more than the trash in the tri-state area.

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If he wins, the GOP is going to keep hounding him about Benghazigate. He probably deserves impeachment and removal from office for his shameful non-handling of that crisis, but it is unlikely that the Senate would oust him. Still, he will have to wear a scarlet "B" throughout his time in office, he will get little or no cooperation from the House of Representatives, and he will wish that he was building houses with Carter.
Still waiting for G. Bush to be tried for war crimes. How 'bout you guys?

Will there be room in the dock for his successor, who flips through a pack of index cards and chooses which American citizen he will drone to death this week without a trial?
@Gordon Osmond

Will see come Tuesday won't we?
I find it interesting that the right wants answers about what Obama knew about Benghazigate and why he didn't do more to stop it, but has had little interest in what Bush knew about 911 and why he didn't do more to stop it.

If you have any evidence of 9/11 misdeeds on the part of Bush, I will listen with an open mind. I would want to see genuine proof, however.

But let me also point out that Bush is not on any ballot this year, nor has he been since 2004. Obama's opponent is named Romney, and he didn't let our ambassador and others die in Benghazi.

I also want to point out that "You're one too" is never a satisfactory response to an accusation.
Arthur - There are mounds of evidence that the Bush Admn knew something was up before 911 and did nothing to stop the attack. From Condy Rice and the document that said Bin Laden determined to attack to the most recent revelations of numerous classified documents warning of a planned attack. The fact that you are not aware of this proves my point. The right are a bunch of hypocrites on this issue.

I'm aware Bush is not on the ballot, the point is, when he was in office, the right supported him regardless just as the liberals do with Obama. I hate them both and think they should both be tried as war criminals.