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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 11:03AM

Obama's Fatal Slip

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Revenge v. Love of Country—Romney Deals Obama the Coup de Grace


In the fierce competition between Obama and Biden over which one can embarrass himself most profoundly when deprived of the teleprompter crutch, Obama comes out the clear winner, not with a slip of the tongue, but rather with a tip to the soul.


Dr. Freud was cheering from the great beyond when Obama followed up his stump speech chant, “Don’t boo, vote!” with the observation that voting was a means of revenge. And, of course, that is what Obama is all about, from the first days of his presidency when he reminded adversaries that “I won.” The race chip on Obama’s shoulder is so weighty that at times it’s difficult for him to remain standing.


The “revenge” remark was a cosmic set-up, a soft ball if you will, but Romney really hit it out of the park with his “vote for love of country.” How better to make a small man feel even smaller and more petty?


The ground swell for Romney is seismic. His stump speech has been energized, and the receptions he’s received since Obama’s revenge misstep is palpable.


I was planning a satirical piece contrasting Obama’s and Romney’s first day in office—Obama dragging out his hit list and Romney vowing his pledge to work across the aisle. Obama’s revelatory comment and Romney’s elegant and heartfelt reply makes it totally unnecessary.


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I have tried to give O. the benefit of the doubt about his"revenge" remark, but there really is no saving grace. He is president of only half the people, and a vicious, snarling bunch they are. And his fangs are as sharp as any. Woe is us if we have to put up with this for another term.
I see George Will had Romney winning today with 317 electoral votes.
Uncle, If you're still there, can you please give me a link to that column? Having trouble finding it myself.

After watching that, Arthur, here's a similar video prediction.


You're welcome.
Paul, lol,

That actually makes sense. Both sides have contended that if the other side wins, the world will end.
Yes. Seismic. Now, what?