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November 09
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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 10:50AM

The Spirit of 2010

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The Spirit of 2010—Liberty Lives!


Two years ago, the American people roared a resounding “NO!” to the parasitic, collectivist policies of Obama and his henchmen. Whereas a normal politician, not consumed with an elaborate sense of self-regard, would have followed Bill Clinton’s lead in the direction of adjustment and conciliation, Obama plowed “forward” with his original policies, and America has not benefitted one jot or tittle as a consequence. Indeed, the domestic economy continues to dwell in the doldrums, and as for foreign affairs, we have, most recently but not exclusively, Benghazigate, a scandal that will eventually bring Obama down whether he’s in office or not. In this sense, a vote for Obama tomorrow is as sensible as one for Ron Paul.


Tomorrow we have the opportunity not just to re-cleanse the House from the clutches of Nancy “isn’t there something more we can do for my face?” Pelosi, but also return the White House to someone whose background and experience resonates with the principles that made America great. A big bonus will be putting out to a richly deserved pasture, a vice-president who continues not only to be a national embarrassment but one who stirs absolute terror in the heart when one of its final beats in another is contemplated.


The choice is clear—experience and accomplishment against experimentation and manifest failure.


We shouldn’t underestimate the challenge. There are a lot of folks out there whose only hope is feeding on others, and there are lots of less sympathetic folks who simply have never outgrown their undergraduate indoctrination. So, be faithful to the growing flame, join the betrayed military and the converted press, and vote for Romney, not for revenge but for love of country. If I can do it from Brazil, you can do it from wherever you are.


Among the dimmest of liberal commentators are those who claim that Romney is motivated by self-interest in protecting the interests of the wealthy. Why should he? He’s already got his. He knows that his policies will enable others to do so. He welcomes the competition.

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President Obama won and Governor Romney lost. Enjoy Brazil.
You're a regular Nostradamus, Gordon, but not while he was living. The Romney groundswell was only a brief moment of vertigo.
Didn’t you say a few months ago that he was going to be a one-term president? And Benghazigate would sink him? Etc.
On Oct. 4th, you wrote:

You know, OS does offer the option of deleting a post. In order to avoid personal embarrassment, you might want to consider it. In view of last night's performance, your analysis sounds sort of silly.

Well, if I were you, in order to avoid any further ‘personal embarrassment’ (given your numerous humiliating posts and comments), I would ask Salon.com to remove my entire account.
'Scuse me, but I believe that there's some egg all over your face Gordon. So where will you move to for the next four years then?
I appreciate your warrior spirit Gordon, but you obviously need to return for regrooving on this one.
I love how the passage of time reveals how completely wrong you were.