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FEBRUARY 5, 2013 9:54AM

Kerry's Slippery Start

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John Kerry’s early utterances on the Benghazi scandal indicate that he is more than ready, willing, and able to follow in the fouled and fetid footsteps of Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, and, lest we forget, Barack Obama. 

Kerry’s statement to the effect that he will not allow the memory of the victims of Benghazi to be sullied by political opportunism is a classic case of reversing the facts and telling a palpable lie to distract from a legitimate quest for facts. The politically opportunistic questions include:

 ·        Why was the consulate so grossly unguarded in the face of overwhelming warnings?

·        Why was help not forthcoming once the attack occurred?

·        Why, in a frenzy of electoral concern, was the public lied to as to the nature of the attack? 

It’s one thing to dodge these questions because there are no honest answers that do not implicate the Obama administration in both negligence and corruption. But dodging is one thing. It does not excuse Ms. Clinton’s psychotic “What difference does it make?” or Kerry’s upturning of logic involving an almost sacrilegious use of the death of American heroes to deflect legitimate public curiosity about what kind of egomaniacal clowns are running the show.

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The GOP shouldn't let this one go, but I see signs that it will.
It does not excuse Ms. Clinton’s psychotic “What difference does it make?”

That wasn't "psychotic", Gordon...it was logical, appropriate, and delivered with perfection.

Almost everybody except die-hard conservatives realize that Hillary kicked ass on the Republicans grilling her on this issue. They had gone on for weeks about how she was scared and ducking them...and she had them for lunch.

The far right has gone bat-shit crazy, Gordon. People like you and Arthur should be trying to right the boat, but instead you are helping to rock it.

I guess those of us who want to see your boat founder ought to be thanking you.

So, from me....thanks.
Frank, the Republican senators simply didn't know how to deal with a screaming, disingenuous female. Who does, really?
Oh Arthur!!!! Your 'who does really' in regard to screaming women busted me up!!! (And I haven't had many laughs lately.). Someone I love dearly once, on commenting about the Barbara Boxer tongue-lashing of an admiral because he called her "ma'am" in lieu of "senator" , quipped that the admiral would have gained everlasting respect (plus a thank you note from me) if he'd just whipped out his sidearm and shot her.

I think that's one method, but I suspect it causes all sorts of legal problems.
B., in his place I would have continued calling her "Ma'am" in a polite voice and with a friendly smile.
Secretary Clinton was asked a question she couldn't answer. Nor could anyone else. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that the facts of Benghazi were centrifuged for the purpose of promoting Obama's political campaign is blind.

Not being able to answer the question, Clinton sought to create an emotional diversion by blowing up, yes, psychotically. It's unfortunate that the poser of the question didn't follow up, but the press and the public was not fooled. Everyone whose judgment is not clouded by partisan ideology knows that "it" makes one whale of a difference.