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FEBRUARY 7, 2010 7:40PM

apparently superbowl fans are sexist jerks.

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I will perhaps write more about this later. But I've been watching the superbowl ads on Hulu.com, and thus far what I've surmised from most of them is that Super Bowl fans are sexist, idiotic jerks. 

Seriously, if this is what advertising companies think of you, why would you want to buy the products they're shilling?


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I agree. that's why I don't go anywhere near it...it's infuriating!
I'll bite; be specific.

they really are awful this year...there seems to be a theme of emasculated men in various commercials

Do you not know any emasculated men?
ha Rick! a few, but it doesn't make the ads any more appealing

I think humor is a great remedy for such problems. It's usually those who cannot get past themselves that perpetuate the trouble.

Or is it really just a reflection of who the ad execs are? (Startling lack of creativity, for some...) But, lucky for us, we know how to find happiness elsewhere, not in products!

(I do love sports, and football, though!)
That kind of advertising is present throughout football season - pay attention - you'll see that it's all the same. Advertisers don't reserve these types of ads for just the Super Bowl.