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Graham Sale
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
July 18
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Graham Sale's familiar artwork has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and on licensed products worldwide. His cartoons appear in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. men in Hats appear every Saturday. Graham is a writer, author, cartoonist, illustrator, and manufacturer of the character, Boneless Chuck. A NYer by way of Los Angeles and now Memphis, TN. Wow!


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MAY 6, 2011 10:54PM

Blood is Thicker Than Water, but Not as Thick as Oil.

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MEN_Bush Bin Laden Ties

My paper wouldn't run the cartoon above for my weekly (Sat.) Men in Hats.  I had to create another.   I'll post the alternative on Sun. or Mon. , check back.


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I did not know all of this. Men in hats as new source, that's good.
Yes, these are all true and factual statements.
Gore Vidal's book Dreaming of War covers these events very convincingly, with very detailed and damning research. I find it plausible, no matter what the pundits say.
I had forgotten about Bush letting the bin Laden family members leave the country. Gets me pissed off all over again.
Would be utterly hilarious if it wasn't all true.
All true, all factual, all infuriating.

Remembering all that, it makes me even angrier that so many Republicans turned themselves inside out to try to give Bush the credit for getting bin Laden that belonged to Obama and which Bush manifestly does not deserve.

long live the men in hats!
For Bush to have destroyed bin Laden would have been equivalent for the Christian God to destroy Satan. Who could he blame all the monstrosities on without bin Laden as the fall guy?
Thanks for this reminder of what would otherwise go right down the memory hole.
How can you say such things?
Try that again:
I figure the reason Bush said in '05 words to the effect that he just wasn't spending that much time looking for OBL, was that he knew the compound in Abbottabad had just been rented.
Incendiary Graham. And I'm glad we get to see it here. It's too bad the rest of the nation won't get to see it.
Ah, the wise men in hats. When they're not making me nod in agreement, they're getting me to laugh my a-s off *looks over shoulder, wondering "am I allowed to say that?"
"Those Democrats sure are weak on national security, aren't they?"

I get sick of hearing so sick of hearing this sort of crap from Republicans. When you tell them about FDR, Truman (he dropped the bomb for cap sake), Kennedy, Johnson, Carter (okay, poor example), Clinton (got Milosovich and shot a cruise through Kidaffy's tent) and now Obama (ramped up Afghanistan and killed Bin Laden), I'd like to know what universe they get their information from and how they manage to convince so many Americans that it's true.
truth is stranger than conspiracy theory.
truth *is* conspiracy theory.
The Carlyle Group is always there when you need it.
Your paper is a 'fraidy cat.

You're not.
Hi, Graham...not surprised about the paper. Would send it to my parents in Southaven but it would only start some shit. Hope you're not under water.
Always love your cartoons. The message here has me scrtching my head a little. The Bin Ladens have there hands in most pockets of the American people. There is so much more to the story than Bush didn't do...what...and Obama did...what...and surely, Clinton coulda, woulda, shouda...dunnit.
I'll bet he leaves the cap off the toothpaste tube, too.

What a boob.

Bet you can't guess which one of you I'm thinking of now, can you?
Rated - and favorited - stumbled in here and am glad. To see an American saying it as it is.
Ardee - yes, even we in India like Gore Vidal - am glad that you an American think he is plausible. I shall read that book you mention. Did you read the book "He She and IT" ? Not by GV but someone else that draws a picture of future America in fact the world divided amng a few corporates and waging constant wars ?
The day before John Hinkley Jr shot Reagan Neil and Johns brother were meeting. More family friends. More coincidence. Before Neil was head of security at the WTC. Dont forget Presscot Bush plotting to remove FDR and install a dictatorship in The Business Plot via General Smedley Butler.
Not to mention George Sr and Zappata Oil. Or his friendship with Larry E King. Bohemian Grove excusions. Skull and bones.
True, but the bin Laden family disowned Osama, supposedly.
Comforting to know that your editors believe in the 1st Am. ... ... ...

The fact that people have a problem with facts says it all about our future.
Graham, that was a great cartoon. Unfortunately what most Americans don't realize is that freedom of the press belongs to the person who owns the press. So editorial censorship within a publication is a real issue. But you are fighting the good fight.
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