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Graham Sale
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
July 18
Chief of Everything
Me, Myself & I
Graham Sale's familiar artwork has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and on licensed products worldwide. His cartoons appear in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. men in Hats appear every Saturday. Graham is a writer, author, cartoonist, illustrator, and manufacturer of the character, Boneless Chuck. A NYer by way of Los Angeles and now Memphis, TN. Wow!


SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 10:45AM

Just Exactly How Full of Shit Are YOU?


JULY 17, 2009 4:21AM

How did I get in this mess?

Life in this country sucks right now./
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JULY 6, 2009 8:32AM

A Bell Bottom Vacation Where Your Dollars Go Further






I created these designs for tee shirts six years ago, and this 4th of July they are sadly still relevant (and still available on tee shirts - shameless plug) Click Store.

JULY 2, 2009 10:11AM

Keep Designing Your Future

KEep Designing
JULY 1, 2009 9:54AM

When Clothes Attack!

JUNE 30, 2009 4:21AM

Plan for your Child's Rehab TODAY!

JUNE 26, 2009 6:44AM

Kick tires. Not testicles.




Max Kelly is a strong, successful woman who has delayed marriage for her career and often wonders if she has become the man she’s always wanted to marry.  Like most people she is a mixture of emotions, values and contrary behavior.  She is successful and/… Read full post »


It seems SC Gov. Mark Sanford was a bit confused about whether he was hiking on the Appalachian trail or humping some Argentinian tail.

Soon much will be written about Republican hypocricy and right-wing attempts to legislate morality - and I have my seat booked on… Read full post »

JUNE 24, 2009 9:37AM

A Scarecrow's Life for Me.

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JUNE 22, 2009 7:42AM

Early American Tweeters


“Why won’t you listen to me?” whined ten year old Harper Payne to his parents from across the dinner table, “none of the other guys are bringing their parents to the Ski Club meeting so why do I have to bring you two?”Read full post »

500 Sometimes if it looks like a duck, dribbles like a duck, the duck is a shooting guard./
JUNE 15, 2009 2:44PM

Help! Am I the predator or prey?

JUNE 12, 2009 10:45AM

Does My Ass Make My Jeans Look Fat?

500 Can you handle the truth?/


"Roughing it." 

More people are having stay-cations this summer and staying close to home rather than traveling. I am.  Are you?  Vacation, vacation...the word sounds familiar, but I can't remember what it means.  I'm pretty sure it's latin for something other people do.&… Read full post »

JUNE 5, 2009 1:00PM

I'm Outta Here.




 Give yourself a break today.  Give your expectations the day off and tell self-recrimination to hit the road, Jack.  And while you're at it, take your foot off your neck; if you won't be loving to yourself who will (be)? I'm writing this for myself as… Read full post »

MAY 29, 2009 3:02PM

Friday's Funnies

500 Introducing Edwina Pokey.  Have a great weekend kids, play nice and remember it's never as funny to the police as it is to you. :-)/

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MAY 28, 2009 4:32PM

How To Change The World Today

Photobucket Count me in on changing the world, making peace quilts, teaching the world to sing and saving gay baby whales, but realistically these victories will be a long time in coming. BUT, I have an idea on how you can change the world this very day...

“Open… Read full post »





Today the California judiciary upheld  Proposition 8 and the constitutionality of preventing same-sex-marriage, but said that gay couples who are currently married will remain so in the straight shootin' eyes of the law.

I say, "Don't Be Afraid of LovRead full post »