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November 12
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FEBRUARY 11, 2011 5:33PM

What ever happened to Happiness?

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When she read the part
About happiness, she said:

 "What is that?"

For the first time
Her thoughts sent blanks.

She knew satisfaction
Getting the job done
In an appropriate time span.

But what was happiness?

Was it laughter, giggling
And feeling the tummy contract?

Seems like she had done that once
As a little girl when Daddy tickled.

But that was her body
Responding to touch
Just in the right spot.

That wasn't quite happiness
In her book of life.

Was it happiness
When she married,
When the kids came
Or when they left?

Was it happiness
When her name shined
In the papers or TV?

She gazed through
Her window pondering
Wondering if she really...
Really knew happiness today.

Was her shadow side
Emerging to confuse?
Was her memory leaving
With her younger years?

Was life alone happiness...
Or being in a crowd?

Was security happiness
Or a long soaking bath?

Would she ever know
That alluring sister
Of merriment and gaiety?

Her eyes filled with tears
As she lingered the thought.

Come, oh, Happiness
Once more to my fount.

Enliven me,
Thrill me,
Tickle my heart!

Enclose me, release me,
Spin me around with joy.

Here I am, oh, Happiness
Awaiting your next move.

If I don't hear from you soon,
I'm be knocking on your door!


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