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November 12
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FEBRUARY 21, 2011 6:25PM

Savoring Meditation #7: My Keys

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One of the miraculous inventions from human beings is the simple key.

As I write, I marvel at the simple little piece of lead that comfortably slips into my car's ignition.  A little turn, and the car responds like magic.

The same holds true with my home, my suitcase and bike lock.  I am truly baffled to comprehend how a piece of metal can be crafted in such detail that only that particular shape will unlock (and lock up) all that is dear to us.

In the case of the car, the key performs two duties.  It opens the car door or trunk, as well as igniting my engine.

I often wonder how something was first conceived.   How did society get by before it?  did only the rich need to protect valuables, and they were affluent enough to hire guards?

I think we can draw an allegory here from the key.  

Like the key, constant awareness unlocks the beauty of this world to us everyday.


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