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November 12
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MARCH 11, 2011 12:27PM

Savoring Meditation #25: Mission Accomplished

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The proposal's in the mail by the designated due date.  The pressure is off.  Support letters, news clippings, fliers are all attached.

I can now have my car serviced, or I can take a nap, or watch tose pretty little daffodils dance in the breeze.

I've come to realize that life is like a curvy, mountainous road.  Up ahead is that curve you need to prepare for now, or there's the incline ahead that you need to muster the energy to climb.

One more mountain mastered;  one more curve behind me.  The road ahead is straight.  

I can sit down and relax a little, with now just five tasks needing attention instead of six -- and their deadlines aren't touching my nose.

So today for the rest of it, I relax and enjoy the fresh crisp air of approaching spring.  I thank all those who helped me reach my mountaintop or hug the curve.  Today is one of those days you want to hang on to and remember on one of those bad days, which eventually will be bound to come.

But for now, that's tomorrow.  I just want to appreciate today.


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