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November 12
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MAY 17, 2011 1:52PM

Savoring Meditation 89: Mary and the Sun

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I pull into the church parking lot early for daily Mass, but not too early to savor the day ahead, or even the very moments in my life that I'll never see again on this earth.

I park the car next to the statue of Mary, and prepare myself to be in the right frame of mind to write on this crisp cool morning.

As I look toward Mary's statue, the rising sun peeks out just behind her.  It is so small and insignificant at this moment, yet so powerful as the seconds tick away.

In a few fast moments I can't even look up from my writing.  The majestic sun is screaming at my entire face with its over-powering orange-gold brightness.

Now Mary's statue becomes almost unnoticeable as all my senses instead become aware of the new day's sun behind her left shoulder.

And I guess this is how it is with Mary's son, Jesus.  She leads us to him and then kind of slips away as we marvel at his godliness and majesty.


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