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November 12
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JULY 10, 2011 10:20PM

Savoring Meditation #137: My Little Room

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A little place to live
With a little bit of stuff
Makes life a little bit better
And without all that fluff.

A little place to live
With a little bed for one
Wins my little heart anew
Needing a little space for fun.

A little mind wants a big domain
While a big mind is content with little.
Watching the little stars in the big skies
Whispering little words of splendor once more.

Little places cost little in dollars
While big places rob you of mind's peace.
A little responsibility for little cares
Brings big cheers for a little more grace.

Come with me to my little queen-dom
Where my little joys reap bushels
Of wonder, of a world of soul
Where God can find this little fool.

Some say we are too many
To each have her own little acre.
I say I want nothing more
Than my little room
And a little stuff I adore.


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I too choose to have little to adore. Enjoy!