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November 12
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JANUARY 29, 2012 9:01PM

Savoring Meditation #192: Does the Hole Make it a Mole?

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Is it a mole because it looks like a mouse in a hole?

Or is it a rat because it's like a small rabbit that gets eaten by a cat?
I've often wondered how a name came to be,
Like why are women, females and ladies all made
from words describing the masculine?

So take some time with me as we explore the power of words.

Let's look at it something you think you need to not be dry?
Or mink, a mini skunk without the stink?

Or a sow, a small version of a cow, too soiled to give milk?

Let's look at hair, what we get cut while we sit in a chair,
And when you cover your hair where it's at, you use a hat.

Also when in bed the cloth over you is the cover.
While a boot covers one's bare foot.

Could we have a broom today because it was a brush used to clean a room?

Is a wife a woman who gives and sustains life?
Or if you fold a big rag a certain way do you have a bag?

Conversely, we all know that when you take the s from small, you have a mall.
And a hall is a long hollowed out wall.

Words can be fun while also a mystery...
My story, her story and history.


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