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November 12
Grannypower has raised her five kids and is now the proud granny of six. As such, she is dedicating her life to convincing the rest of the world to join her as she works to leave those who follow her a better and more just world.

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APRIL 1, 2012 10:43PM

Savoring Meditation #199: Prison of the Shy

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(Tonight I found this poem that I wrote long long ago on another April Day.  I share it with my friends.)

I live in an invisible shell

Too thick to crack it seems.

I see out of it so very well




But can others see the real me?


I hammer my fists in this prison

Hoping soon a crack will appear.

I pray to God that for some reason

My constant plea she will hear.


To be a giggling bubbling sort

Full of love and in awe of life.

A breathing soul proud to be alive,

To be a real woman, mother and wife.


So hammer on this shell with me.

Perhaps together we will make a dent.

A child wants to grow, not just be.

But to become the person God sent.





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