Stathi Stathi

Stathi Stathi
October 27
I live in Greece, and after having my degree in History I am now working in photography. ALL TEXT AND IMAGES ARE RIGHTS RESERVED BY © STATHI STATHI.


FEBRUARY 15, 2013 11:21AM


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        After, so many months that we all have been in some  way silent, I mean for those of us that we are not in OurSalon, I am trully glad to be back here. This afternoon, I saw a TV travelling story, about Sofi, a blind woman from France, who came in USA, and went to Louiziana and New York, tasting bagels, and visiting Central Ρark, and trully made me miss all of you. I met Ρhyllis and Matt in Facebook (to both gongratulations, to Ρhyllis for her car and to Matt for his book), and I want to specially thank Jmac for his so sensitive and heartfelt emails, but what about the rest.....?


         Who is here, tell me all your news and that we are  back to normal.

 This is a hello, a wishing the best to all  for 2013 post, in order  to meet again....

  I am  glad that OS is working again!!!!!!

  (The followning video is  for Toritto, as wishes for his 70 th birthday,. Although his birthday is not today, I think wishes are for all days...)


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Γεια σας, Αφροδίτη! Χαίρομαι που σε βλέπω πίσω!
Matt, you are learning Greek and this is so good and difficult, I know!! Gongratulations!! Thank you so much..It is trully good to be back.
Hi! I'm glad to be back too, and hope you're doing well.
Hello, Jeanette, glad to read you again. I am all right...Thank you for your wish!!!!
Welcome back. I, too, and beginning to drift back and look forward to reading your posts.
Hello Sarah, I think it is time to all get together back in OS!!! Wishes!!
Afrodite, great to see you back! Looking forward to more photo essays!

While I maintained a presence here all through the darkest days it was definitely a challenge to deal with the constant error messages.
John, good to read you again and bravo to you that you stayed here although the troubles!!!!!
Who is here, tell me all your news and that we are back to normal.
yup normal. but alot more mature than u last saw me,
cuz i have had such interesting life experiences.
i aint dead yet, my bell still rings!
nice to be in your uncanny weird cool pleasant presence
Probably no coincidence I did a post on the Iliad this morning. Glad to see you back here to uplift us all with your vision.
James, mature is good...I try that do...Good to read and meet you here again. Wishes that OS will be a community again!!!
Zanelle, like Socrates said, '' One thing I know, that I do not know'', and trust wisdom can be find with me...but I am glad to meet and read you again in here, and I trully liked that you read Iliad. It is so rare in ourtimes. And difficult too!!!
I'm not back!! Still hiding in the thorn bushes!! :)
Tink, your spirit is fundamental in OS. Good you are here, although hiding!!! Best wishes for you!!!
Hi Stathi Stathi, Yes, I went away and even wrote a blog about it, "Building"s On Fire Get Out While You Can." Nothing was working and it looked like the cover page was frozen in time. I'm back now, and since I've been back, everything seems to be working very smoothly. Hope all is well with you.
Toritto, many wishes for your birthday!!! Trully, your writing made me think that I have years to see both sunsets and sunrises. So I am gonna find some in utube and when you will come back I will have some here!!!
Ρam, so good to meet here again and glad that you have such a creativity!!!
Nice to see the sun shining here again, isn't it? So glad they've brought OS back and I hope it stays healthy this time.

Looking forward to reading all of you. I posted a little while ago and if felt good to be back.

(Trying to figure out how to change my screen name to my real name, but other than that everything seems to be working.)
Glad to read you here Ramona, wish that we all can be a community again!!!!
Great to see you Stahi times two. I've missed your Greekly presence. I hope many return and announce themselves as you have. Welcome back.
[r] how is your art going, my friend? Great to see you! love, libby xxx
Fernsy, it may take a while but I think that now OS is working all right, so I do not find any reason for not being here. I try to get back to usual in here, I mean reading all of you but I have a lot of catching up to do. Great work your latest!!!
Libby, I wish I had great news to share with all of you, for example, a gallery that bought my work, or a competition I have won, but it seems I have a lot of work to do in order to make this dream happen.
But, I am trully glad that I can be here again as I used to and read all of you!!!!
Hi Stathi! Thank you for the celebration! I got the title in the mail now and am officially the owner of my car. It's good to see you back here!
Hi I'm so glad to see you and looking forward to your writing and photography :)
"Meeowww?" ("You're back?")

"Purrrrrr" ("Lovely!")

Thank you Gary, I think your latest writing has so much to say and give for and to all of us
Ρhyllis, I know, I have read it on Facebook. Gongratulations and have beautiful journeys!!!
M.C.S, it is so good to write again and have this feeling that I am among friends. Thank you!!
Sky, glad to read you here, thank you !!
Hey Afrodite, I still drop by Open from time to time to check up on old friends, read, rate and comment... looking forward to seeing your latest photography.
Hi heart smiled when I saw your post. I hope all is well with you and OS as well. tg
Yes it is certainly is a pleasure to meet you again Stahi Stahi. The rocky several month aberrant behavior of OS has led to a great schism (GS) with unpredictable consequence. I see that many of our contemporaries have all but quit posting or have repositioned over at Our Salon, as you may know. The GS (through a positive lens) certainly has been a pebble in my boot--let me tell you! My apprehension of starting up elsewhere is that I found no surety of work preservation. One must have conscientious back up with this type of interchange. Also, the all too familiar existential crisis (an undertow of nihilistic ennui) and of course routine time constraints enjoined with continued animosities of what may be defined as the American psyche--all that enthrallment....As well as a near hellishness of spectacular violence, an abject war weariness, a crippling crush of despair, the shrillness of inept argument, the methods of propaganda, the everyday of it toward frozen time....Obviously does not enforce a carefree imperative of general optimism toward survivorship, playful one upmanship, and unpredictable skill sets as the 'virtual' continues to compete with and penultimately alter reality. You might say that when the going gets tough the tough get going. So then, humor and good will (maybe) is all that is left. You know, the countless thousands of us generally taking notes, fighting the good fight--fingers crossed that our inherent penchant and premise for and of good will ultimately trump man's inhumanity to man. I am going to Google translate this to Greek in order to see more of your native language. Just wonderful to hear from you~! I've already learned alot from your beautifully talented eyes, discipline, and creative expertise!
Welcome back Stathi. The party's not back in full swing, but the crowd's growing.
Hello there, Stathi Stathi, it's good to see you back! I hope you're doing well.

@Jmac, I am glad that you came back. I think OS is working all right now, but the abandondment of the ship, while the captain did not care for all of us (meaning the OS indifference about the site working in a bad way), was a good and strong move.

@Tg within, thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me. Good to be among friends.

@J.Ρ Hart, thank you for your writing here. I think you said all that is going on right now. And you are right the goodness we give and take, is the memories of life that we take with us. I mean it is certainly tough, but having beauty inside us, might become a strength.Thank you for your comment.

@J.L, I have read your writing and commented when I could. Maybe this time we can be a strong community, as you all have been in the past years.

@Clay Ball, good to be back, glad to have a place to write, think, read, feel, and communicate in a simple way, learning at the same time.
Nice to see you here again. Cheers...algis
oh for heaven's sake,i was bragging. i am not mature.
i never will be.
hee hee.."tell me all yr news" u say.
alot of male comaraderie ....
getting sick of it, tell the truth, except for matt paust.
and some others.

ok we are all back, those of us who matter.
time to create dazzling art.

i aint dead fact i am rather alive...and my bell rings.
whatever that means! : )
I just came back myself, glad that you're still here. :)
HI, Stathi! I am still around. Glad to see your name and see your cheery post! Welcome back!
I wondered what happened to you.
And did you do that?
The sound of the waves are cozily welcoming like friendship from afar - nice to see you back! R
Nice to see you again!

I'm dithering about coming back to OS or not. Will sleep on it tonight.
@Algis, your work is magical. Wishes for your win!!!!

@James, I am glad that you are alive and rocking!!!!!

@Shutterbug, let's all come back and make our gallery challenges. I have missed them so much!!

@Emily, I think it will take some time, but we can be a community again.

@Dianne, yes I am back!!

@Marilyn, I too like the video. Believe me, I have years to see a true sunset...

@V. Corso, OS is working all right now, and why not, I am thinking. We can be here again. Glad to read you here.
I have started moseying back here from time to time, since it seems to be workign now and my intense frustation-to-the-point-of-despair has subsided. Haven't posted on either OS site in a long time, busy with work & health issues off-line, but I hope to re-activiate myself. I'm glad you've come back. One more reason for me to!
We are back!
Let's hope all works out well dear Stathi Stathi.
hiya Stathi....since i got nuthin better to do i'm still hangin round....
@ Thank you Donegal, wish you are well and that life is treating you good.

@Mme, another excellent article from you. We are the 2 Greek in here,(3 with my sister Olga, but she is busy with her home, so she is not in OS often..), and trust me I am so glad that you are here too.

@Steel, I think that is great that OS is working again!!!
hah. i am anything but 'rocking'. i sleep 12 hrs a day!
i am hibernating.
watch out for me in the springtime!
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