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Greer McVay
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December 31
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Greer McVay is an emerging humorist, essayist, Blogger and prophet, clearly sent to earth to share opinions and wax poetic on myriad subjects. During the course of a 25 year career in communications, Greer has worked in the health care and oil & gas industries as well as for a number of non-profits. Opinions come from experience. You can talk. You can do. Or you can do both. I choose the latter. Stay tuned...


Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 2, Issue 21

June 22, 2011

After a short, yet titillating foray into the pants of New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, the Democratic Party is trying to refocus America’s attention on the Ryan budget plan and its potential detrimental impa… Read full post »

MARCH 10, 2011 1:11AM

Did Gov. Walker Sneak in a Victory?

 Scott Walker Emails

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 2, Issue 20

March 9, 2011


Cocky Democrats have lost again! Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his cohorts just slipped in a doozy of a procedural move by removing the portions of the budget repair bill that call for financial expenditure… Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 2, Issue 19

January 8, 2011 

It is not a good idea to “reload” instead of retreating. “Second Amendment” remedies do not work. This morning’s shooting at a community event in Tucson, Arizona that claimed the life of an aide… Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 18

November 16, 2010 

Casino Jack and the United States of Money Poster

At this stage of my life I have a thirst for all things politically incriminating. Let me rephrase that; I have an insatiable lust for information that would begin to explain the inexplicable. It is inexplicable toRead full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2010 1:28AM

Did Juan Williams Need to be Fired?

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 17

October 23, 2010 

When you listen to Juan Williams in the context of Fox News and its resident commentators, he sounds no better or no worse; he fits right in. He has a right to say what he wants andRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 23, 2010 4:41PM

Tiger Woods Divorce: Shocking!

  Once a  



Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 1

August 23, 2010  


Tiger Woods, Divorce is official


Wow! That was quick. After months of unconfirmed rumors, and reports from unnamed sources and “friends” c… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 20, 2010 2:37AM

Sarah Palin Shows Dr. Laura How to Quit

Sarah Palin  Dr. Laura Schlessinger


Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 15

August 19, 2010


Quitters Unite

A few days ago, on my BLOG, I posted my opinion about radio host Dr. Laura’s “N-Word” rant. At the time I published that post, Dr. Laura had apologized for… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 17, 2010 11:36PM

Dr. Laura Quits...Now That's Funny!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger 


Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 14

August 17, 2010


Laura Schlessinger aka Dr. Laura came under attack recently when she repeatedly used the “N-word” in her response to a question posed on her radio show by a caller. The caller was a Black… Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 13

August 14, 2010


“Pop the chute.” “Deploy the slide.” “Pulling a Jet Blue. “Turn steward.” “Getting all Slater.”  Whatever you call it, the result is the same: quitting your job whil/… Read full post »

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Mezvinsky 

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 12

July 31, 2010


Congratulations to Chelsea and Marc and Hillary and Bill!


I don’t normally blog about such immaterial events, but since I watched Chelsea Clinton grow up, I feel entitled to care about her nuptials to… Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 11

May 24, 2010


Eureka, I have a solution!


I don’t know why it took me this long to come up with such a simple plan to resolve the British Petroleum Gulf Oil leak/spill/explosion/eruption/volcano–or whatever you want to cal… Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 10

May 12, 2010


Make no mistake about it. I am not in favor J.D. Hayworth nor any other political candidate of his Tea Party ilk becoming a duly elected member of any body that represents my interests. However, I cannot help but… Read full post »

AUGUST 15, 2009 2:34PM

Decisions, Decisions!

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 8

August 15, 2009



On May 5, 2009, my father was diagnosed with Stage Four Lung cancer. His doctors informed us that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and would likely (if not already) spread to his brain. He… Read full post »

AUGUST 13, 2009 9:03AM

Who's Running this Country?

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 7

August 13, 2009


Who’s Running this Country?


Get over it all ready. We have a new president. And contrary to what you hear on the nightly news, he is doing a fantastic job. By fantastic I don’t mean that the unemployment… Read full post »

APRIL 18, 2009 10:51AM

Happy Birthday to...Hitler?

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 5

April 18, 2009


With April 20th upon us, and what seems to be an epidemic of mass violence, I suggest we all brace ourselves for a day that has spawned much bloodshed in the name of Adolph Hitler, whose birthday is Monday.


Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 4

March 28, 2009



Last weekend four Oakland, CA, police officers were brutally murdered. Since their assailant also died in the subsequent gun battle we may never know the real motive behind his actions. We can probably assume safely, as… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 20, 2009 9:51AM

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 3

February 20, 2009

Corporate CEOs’ multi-million dollar paydays at taxpayer expense seems to be a problem for many. But why? Why would hard working Americans begrudge a fair wage to fellow workers who negotiated an iron-clad employment contrac… Read full post »

JANUARY 27, 2009 10:36AM

Sarah, don't Smile; Just Stay in Wasilla

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 2

January 27, 2009


No Current Events Blog would be complete without at least one post related to Sarah Palin, Governor of the great state of Alaska. And of course, I would be remiss in my duty to my readers if I… Read full post »

Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 1

January 20, 2009


January 20, 2009 is an historic day. But not necessarily for the reasons that the entire free world thinks. Sure, the United States of America just inaugurated its first Black President, and on the surface that seems to be… Read full post »

JANUARY 21, 2009 10:09AM

It's Time to Show Obama Our True Colors

We are finally there. Today is the eve of the inauguration of Barrack Obama. As of tomorrow president Obama will finally be able to exhale. That accomplishment will be at least one thing he can check off his to-do list. But what will the rest of us be checking off of… Read full post »