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AUGUST 17, 2010 11:36PM

Dr. Laura Quits...Now That's Funny!

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger 


Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 14

August 17, 2010


Laura Schlessinger aka Dr. Laura came under attack recently when she repeatedly used the “N-word” in her response to a question posed on her radio show by a caller. The caller was a Black Woman, married to a White man, who felt offended by what she perceived as disrespectful language by her husband’s friend’s and his willingness to allow the language in her presence. Essentially, Dr. Laura told her to “get over it” and develop a sense of humor about it. This sparked a national outrage. 

Everyone is missing the point here. The caller's question essentially boiled down to this: "My husband allows his friends to say and do things in our home that I find personally disrespectful."  Nothing beyond that is even pertinent.  

But instead of answering a relatively benign relationship question with a reasonable answer (i.e., talk to him about how you feel or leave the marriage or whatever), "Dr." Laura seized the opportunity to make some weak point about the use of the "N-word" that really didn't fit the context. She didn't ask the caller if she was offended when rappers and comedians used the word, but she did declare that because comedians and other’s use the word, as a “term of endearment,” that  it is now up for grabs for anyone else who chooses to use it, in any context. She basically told the caller that she needed to be less sensitive about the comments because of the behavior of individuals external to her marriage. Huh? 

Then, in some inexplicable segue, Laura went on some diatribe about the ‘fact’ that Blacks voted for President Obama only because he is Black and that is racist. Huh? What did I miss? Laura clearly was looking for a chance to bash Black people for having the audacity to vote for Obama. There was no logical link between the caller’s question and Laura’s theme about Blacks voting for Obama. Did she ask the caller if she voted for Obama? No, she did not. Would that question have even been relevant in this dialogue? No, it would not. 

As if that wasn’t enough, she then recounted some lame event in her life where 35 of her best friends, one of whom is Black, and on her payroll, decided mid-BBQ to break out into some basketball challenge; she asserted that she had to have the Black employee (I mean friend) on her team because “white men can’t jump!” Presumably, Laura and this one Black teammate that she hand-selected (and pays) would beat the bejeezus out of the entirety of the opposing 33 member-white-non-jumping team. (?) To Laura, this team-choosing choice and proclamation was a laugh-riot and anyone who thought otherwise lacks a humor chip. 

Needless to say, shortly after this disastrous phone call, Laura issued an apology. "I articulated the N-word all the way out — more than one time, and that was wrong. I'll say it again — that was wrong." 

Laura’s apology is irrelevant because she didn’t need to apologize. Her use of the N-word (within this context) isn’t the problem. Her attitude about Black people, their voting patterns, their hyper-sensitivity, etc. are the problem. However, she shouldn’t apologize for her attitudes. She is allowed to have them. However, she does need to admit to her attitudes and own them wholeheartedly.  

Her statement about her “dear friend and bodyguard” is very telling. Most people don’t have to pay people to be their friend. That she has one Black person in her world that she thinks can jump is an obnoxious accomplishment to prove her point about the use of or need to have a sense of humor.  

Laura has been irrelevant for years and she is trying to stir up controversy to get back into people’s consciousness. Well, she picked a good time in history to do so. Hate and race-baiting are so prevalent right now that she’ll get new fans and followers. I only wish she’d get ostracized by people on the right who genuinely want us to move toward a post-racial society. And by the way, having a president who is Black does not give anyone permission to demonstrate racial intolerance. Pointing out race, racial inequality or discrimination is NOT playing the race card. It is making an observation that might be factual and in need of discussion and resolution. Some people do identify race as a problem when it is not, but more often than not those instances are based on misinformation or ineffectual communication, not flagrant abuse of identification of race (aka “playing the race card").

Laura clearly has an issue with integrated marriage, as her last comment related to this call illustrated. So to the caller, just because you are racially sensitive and Laura thinks that you have no sense of humor does not mean that you shouldn’t marry outside your race. Marry whomever you want but don’t let him behave in a manner that is disrespectful to you. And stop calling the Dr. Laura show. If you lay down with dogs you will wake up with fleas.


UPDATE:  Dr. Laura announced that she will end her syndicated radio show so that she can focus on regaining her First Amendment Rights. Again, huh?

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There was always something phony about her. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow there was another newsbreak about her.
Thanks for catching this and happy blogging,
Watch as the GOP votes her onto the ticket in 2012.
Dr. Laura has been irrelevant for years now. I'm surprised her "situation" is even getting any attention because it should be as irrelevant as she is. I actually saw a book of hers at Costco the other day, and all I could think is "how is this woman still around?" Oh well. Resign, don't resign. It really doesn't matter to me.
She'll be back on the air with her sanctimonious, preachy, condescending advice before you know it. As soon as she gets done being the victim and playing it for all it's worth. Proof to me that she can't take the heat like she expects her callers to do. I can't figure out who would ever call her anyway. If I needed some advice, she's the last person I'd turn to. Nobody is infringing on her rights that I can see. She just needs a vacation.
The lesson here is if you want advice, you don't ask an idiot._r
She's not quitting, she "going in a different direction". And it's all the evil liberal medias fault that she said what she said 11 times in a row. And the only reason she is going off the air is because you hate George Bush and the Muslims are building a Mosque directly on top of the 9/11 site.
Dr. Laura is a horror show-always has been, always will be. She may have quit her show, but something tells me this isn't the last we'll hear from her. My best bet is that we'll see her on Fox news or shouting her trap off at some Tea Party rally. Ugh.

Great post.
Its all about context. Whether DrL is relevant or not matters not to me, but when I originally heard this story last week it was presented in a way that suggested she was being unfairly attacked. I listened to what I thought was the entirety of her comment ("in context") and then simply thought here we go again making a big deal about nothing. Not wise of her given where we are in society to invoke certain language, but alas, we are where we are. I was not particularly offended and I went back to my life.

A few days later I got the broader (or entire) context. And my thoughts on this have changed. What a bozo! As someone who finds great entertainment value in the DrL show, callers and her answers, this call was off the rails.

Why oh why would she go there? As you stated, you get a call, are posed a question, answer the question. To turn a situation which was simply a 'my husband doesn't stand up for me in front of family and friends' into a diatribe on race relations was ludicrous. Then to compound the matter to go off on a "white men can't jump" story was beyond the pale, said as one who has used that phrase and others.

I'm still not convinced that the issue that the media is focused on is the problem but more to the heart of the matter is the heart of the matter. What flows from our mouths is out of the overflow of our hearts. Whether malicious or not, we are all bound at points in time to have negative thoughts about other people or groups and from time to time those thoughts will come out in our words or deeds. We have to get away from the notion that somehow that necessarily makes us bad people, we're just people, flawed and most often doing the best we can with what we have to work with.

But again, its the context that matters and this one is a doosie.
Is it wrong for me to use the other N-word? Okay, I'll use it: Dr. Laura is a nipplehead.
I took another look at this in the morning. I love what WC Henderson said. I hope people take time to read her comment.
Happy Blogging,
Never understood the audience these radio people get. And you are spot-on. r.
I don't understand, irrespective of the current sh*tstorm she's stirred up, why did anyone ever listen to her?
Touche. Great article, Greer. I wrote about this a few days ago. RRRR
1) I love how she turned herself into the "victim" here. And let's not forget that she has bashed homosexuality too. Maybe she should be called the "Doctor of Bigotry."

2) 90% of blacks voted for Obama. So what? 90% voted for John Kerry. All that proves is that most are Democrats.

3) Why was this woman still on the air anyway? What kind of person discusses her marital issues with a talk-show host?
I love the sparkling way you discuss a lackluster personality. Great post, Greer! msp
It looks like she "jumped the shark." Like most media people or high-profile people, there is a time to leave gracefully. She did not.
Very perceptive analysis, Greer. Like a lot of people, I didn't even know Dr. Laura still had a radio show, but I listened to the audio of it when I saw the story on my local newspaper's web site. I agree with your assessment. The caller's concern was never addressed as Dr. Laura launched herself into a weird sociological rant that made her sound like a crazy person. I always thought a doctor was supposed to listen to a patient. A sorry episode, all in all.
I love how when people call someone on their bullshit, they start waving the First Amendment around... well, of course you have the right to say it, jackass. I also have the right to call it what it is.
The craziness is rearing its ugly head. I find that strangely satisfying. Glad this made the cover. Congrats on the EP!
great post! typical dr. laura in action. never liked her, never will. she needs to crawl back under her rock.
she figured out a way to make lots of money and receive lots of attention appealing to the lowest common denominator. in america that is a working strategy. i'm sure she feels bad about it every time she looks at her bank statement. in addition to being racist she's also homophobic. the next thing we'll learn is that her husband is gay, a child, a brother, etc., and she'll feel real sorry about the horrible things she said about "them" while she was racking it feeding off of fears of the ignorant and outright stupid. It pays to fight back...
Ugh! Great post Ms. McVay (particularly your discussion about the importance of identifying racism/inequality).

As has been noted in many threads about people using racist speech/language: it's highly unlikely that someone who vents like Ms. Schlessinger in a national forum doesn't use similar language in her private life. Given that fact, I must say what a shallow apology.

Glad she's off the air. Honestly, thought she'd been off for years. Every once and a while a friend who listened to her would tell me stuff "Dr Laura says blah blah blah" as if that makes her an authority on all things. What bullshit. Maybe she can go live with the other hate filled harridans of the right wing... Ann Coulter?
I am with you on every point. But I'd like to add one more. I, for one, am utterly sick of the loud, the boorish, the idiotic who are attempting to dominate the public discourse. If you're presenting yourself as a comedian, that's one thing. Questionable, but I get it. But the sooner we get hate-mongering autocrats like Schlesinger off the airways, the better.
I have to admit that until recently I didn't know she still had a radio program.
I can't stand this woman, but I think her biggest problem is that she is simply out of touch with reality. And people rely on her advice? It's scary.

Maybe she and Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter can find some happy little island somewhere where they can have a picnic and eat something poisonous. (R)
I've been enjoying my summer in the Berkshires... minimal TV, Dancing, Cooking Writing...

I heard the call on U-tube got my blood hot... then found your post...felt oh so much better.

Thank you for your wisdom.

This Laura person sounds like a very sad and lonely gal.

I am betting that Dr Laura may have a reason for her irrationality--prescription drugs, just like Lush Rimbaugh did.
Great post.
That woman is off her rocker. Thank you for this very good news - the quitting part that is.
Reading about this Dr. Laura thing, I've realized why I don't argue with my friends of color about racism: I have no personal experience of it. I'm white. It's that simple. The incredible condecision of this privileged white woman trying to tell a black woman what constitutes racism strikes me as, ironically, a great example OF racism.
I am glad she has revealed her true soul-full of hate and vitriol! R
The condescension and the brazenness of the level of judgment of this caller's life was breathtaking. She actually said, if you are going to be thin skinned you shouldn't have married out of your race. What a horrible woman. And she isn't going anywhere. Sarah Palin just tweeted support for her with the word "Reload!"
Even when she was at the "top" of her career, this woman was a joke. What's far from funny is how many listeners tuned in day after day. Good riddance.
I'm with Joan H. If I had a highly personal marital problem, I'd seek advice from smart people in private, not a mean, know-nothing loudmouth on the radio.

But it's good news in terms of Dr. Laura quitting, however impermanent the situation may be.
I can happily say this is a case of ignorance having been bliss, as I never watched her show nor heard of the character. I enjoyed and learned from your article, though - thank you. ~R