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AUGUST 23, 2010 4:41PM

Tiger Woods Divorce: Shocking!

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Greer McVay’s Web Log (BLOG)

Volume 1, Issue 1

August 23, 2010  


Tiger Woods, Divorce is official


Wow! That was quick. After months of unconfirmed rumors, and reports from unnamed sources and “friends” close to the couple, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have officially dissolved their marriage. It took nine months from the date of Tiger’s auto accident and subsequent—and frequent—reports of “indiscretions” for the divorce to become final. In the normal course of events, that’s a realistic timeframe. However, it seems quick because we were sort of lead to believe that they were “working on their marriage.”


Turns out they were really “working on their divorce.” The scenario must have gone down more like this: a) Elin busts Tiger trying to communicate with one of his ladies-in-waiting; b) Elin takes a swing at Tiger with his 9-Iron; c) A caught Tiger tries to make amends with apologies, promises and rehab; d) Elin momentarily contemplates reconciliation; e) Every woman who so much as brushed past Tiger comes out of hiding and reports their dalliances; f) Elin is humiliated publicly and globally; g) Elin is done; h) Tiger and Elin negotiate and prepare for divorce; i) Tiger’s people try to convince us that Elin is just laying low, all the while, gearing up for today’s big announcement; and j)  Everyone sits back quietly awaiting the inevitable: a media firestorm. Seems like that whole sequence might have taken a bit longer…at least the steps between “d” and “h.” But really, who could blame Elin?


Public embarrassment, the likes of which we mere mortals will fortunately never have to face, cannot be easy. Even with a trillion dollars in the bank, you cannot escape the watchful eyes of a critical public. I wouldn’t wish stealth paparazzi on even my worst enemy [actually, I would]. The fact that I am even blogging about these two people whom I have never, and likely will never meet, is testament to how far reaching public scrutiny and scorn can be. Seems the best path was to just rip off the band-aid and get it over with. But in the end I wish them both happiness and peace with their current and past decisions.


Elin will eventually settle back into a life of relative obscurity, whether in America or her native Sweden. Tiger will likely get his head together enough to get back into the swing of things on the golf course (pun intended). The kids join the ranks of millions of others who are from broken homes. Sounds pretty normal to me, albeit not ideal. It’s sad that Tiger’s inner demons and personal failings led to this outcome. However, I can’t help but assume that things weren’t great at home considering how adrift of his [probable] marriage vows he strayed.


I wish them peace and privacy as they all try to deal with their new lives. I bet things will quickly settle down in each of the many Woods-Nordegren households. That is, until Tiger decides to remarry. Yeah, just think about that for a minute. Whether he runs off with Rachel Uchitel next week or waits 20 years to find a new bride, the media will cover it with all the hysteria we have come to know…and love!


Elin's side of the story:

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I don't think he will remarry.
One has to wonder if he has not caused enough trouble.
I know if I was him, which I am not, I wold hide under a rock for a bit.
But he won't :)
Rated with hugs
This man is a serial philanderer - I suspect she could have been the perfect woman (as if one existed) and he would still have been driven by his ego to stray. From what I understand the kids are never to be around a girlfriend. Talk about putting a cramp in his love life from afar.
Let the man hating commence.
It is typical for the usual woman to blame the man for any and all things all the time.
The woman could not POSSIBLY have played any part in any of it.
After all, that is the way it is, isn't it?
Why is it always the man who is made a fool of in commercials, tv shows, etc?
That's easy to answer.
It's a kneejerk syndrome called "blame the man as, he's ALWAYS wrong".
BULLSHIT. There certainly are times when the wmoan has a part in whatever.
I am not attempting to absolve Tiger of his screwing around.
The point I am making is that, unlike to equalness of the questions in Greer's article, the comments immediately came down on Tiger.
Ah, well. Women like them just make me glad that I'm not married or in a relationship~~two distinctly different situations.
BTW-Greer, you're still gorgeous.
I love this post,I know if I was this man ,I will do the same choose like his .

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Poor Tiger... I feel bad for the guy for getting caught!
Interesting. Your report is the first I've read regarding the divorce. It's very sad, but bad behavior has its consequences. I really feel sorry for the children.
Maybe she can enter a sack race with Paul McCartney's ex wife, Heather.
I'm not sure : do you want us to feel sorry for this guy? If so, I'll take a pass on that. He's an overpaid jerk and an immature, lying jackass.
I was actually relieved to hear she'd gone through with it.