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MARCH 12, 2010 9:08AM

How to Face Life's Difficulties

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1. Don't go to the mall. If you are at the mall, go home.

2. Don't watch TV unless it's about wild animals.

3. Swing your arms vigorously. Turn your palms up.

4. Say 'sunny-side' until you are sick from saying it.

5. Never grimace from pain if you can sigh with resignation.

6. Never sigh with resignation if you can rise up and fix it.

7. Love horror movies when young, then switch to documentaries.

8. Learn to ask: What do you want?

9. Read 'The Annals of Imperial Rome' by Tacitus. Don't give up on page 17. Read until the repetition speaks to you -- the endless parade of pro-consuls and praetors, sullied by the occasional tyrant. Read until you are gobsmacked by this: we were always this way.

10. Before sleep each night walk out into the velvet dark and fly up under the make-believe moon, soar over the dark sussurating trees, and zoom away. Leaves should rhumba in your wake. Watch over lovers on a hilltop, wreak bloody vengeance, rescue a chained dog, collect all those Congolese Uzis and drop them into an Icelandic volcano, scoop the salty South Pacific into your cupped hands and carry it all the way to Kansas.

11. Stand still when things collapse.

12. Listen for melody in laughter: at work, on the street, at parties -- and if there is only one note? flee for your life, run like the dickens until you hear music.

13. Admit your cruelty, then show it the door.

14. Walk into town each spring, and sit where everyone passes. Tell yourself a story about each one. Ask: are they real? are they sad about their grades? determined to recover? hungover? in hopeless love? just hurrying to get home on time? ready for death?

15. Feel all grief.

16. Feel just enough terror.

17. Foreswear indifference.

18. Forgive those who do not, who shrug and choose to ignore what you remember. They are happier than you, and happiness helps.

19. Set it all aside when it's time to teach someone how to tie their shoes.

20. Teach someone how to tie their shoes.

21. Love the struggle, not the pain.

22. Suffer fools only if they suffer first.

23. Doubt everything except kindness.

24. Allow for pretense as a temporary measure.

25. Do not feed the beast.

26. Compare notes.

27. Encourage discussion.

28. Risk suicide.

29. But don't, unless absolutely necessary.

30. Wrestle with the Bull of Heaven. Avoid being gored or trampled.









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I, too, love No. 10. It inspires me to at least try!
I have failed so far to teach my left handed grandson to tie his shoes. I will keep trying.
8. Learn to ask: What do you want?

This is the only one I would change for myself. I have learned to ask, "What do you NEED?" - of myself, and of others. :-D

Oh, and I absolutely loved #10. With spring on the horizon, it is even more appealing than usual.

Highly Rated.
lumina: thank you. I like 10, to0. I have done this for 20 years. It helps me to sleep.

M.McK: not sure it works for everyone. And I used to right wrongs by hurting people. Then i just broke all trigger fingers. Now I destroy guns. Progress. Thank you.

Dr. Susanne: I used to work in a pre-school. Sometimes we tried mirrors.

(Sulla was a Roman tyrant. I am showing off sly erudition here)
Bill S: hmm. You make me waver. Asking "need" is a useful object lesson in itself. Then again, I never used to ask what people wanted, and people love to be asked, and it is difficult to ask, because we can't or won't give it to them and we want to tell THEM, not be told. And what people need is always the same thing: compassion. and money.

But I take your point. It's making me think.

thank you
Yes. There ought to be a special clinic for mallgoing.
This is excellent advice. Do you mind if I print it, and put it on my wall?
Kathy: I get hives at the mall. My hands swell. Ask my kids. 15 minutes after we go they show off my bulbous mitts to their friends. thanks.

Owl: to fulfill the legal terms of my trademarked and licensed material you have to purchase and post alongside the life-size Greg Correll action figure cutout (sold separately). The adhesive does not damage most walls, but choose placement carefully. It's permanent.

Greg, # 10 is lovely beyond all measure:

"10. Before sleep each night walk out into the velvet dark and fly up under the make-believe moon, soar over the dark sussurating trees, and zoom away. Leaves should rhumba in your wake. Watch over lovers on a hilltop, wreak bloody vengeance, rescue a chained dog, collect all those Congolese Uzis and drop them into an Icelandic volcano, scoop the salty South Pacific into your cupped hands and carry it all the way to Kansas."

And not because it mentions Kansas, although it adds to the reverberations and tingling I feel in my spine.

Now I need to find a suitable frame for this on my wall...
This is so superb. Your posts always are. You should print this one and offer it for sale. I'd love to hang it one my wall.
I really like No. 14. Maybe because I already do that. I sit in a restaurant, pretending to read a book, when actually I'm creating a life for someone else nearby.

No. 11 is definitely a good 'un.
Greg, #14 gives us a teasing glimpse into an inticing method of story making/ idea that has been written about in endless forms and formats. I hope we get an expanded observation on # 14 from you in the future...just a thought/observation/story congelation.
A lot of wisdom there, Greg. Your 30 points made me look inside. They also made me smile. Thank you.
Printing this one out, bubba. Woooo! My personal favorite? The zooooming away...causing leaves to rhumba in my wake...

The tying the shoes one should be higher on the, just kidding. They all should be higher on the list. ;-| (r)
Before sleep each night walk out into the velvet dark and fly up "under the make-believe moon, soar over the dark sussurating trees, and zoom away. Leaves should rhumba in your wake. Watch over lovers on a hilltop, wreak bloody vengeance, rescue a chained dog, collect all those Congolese Uzis and drop them into an Icelandic volcano, scoop the salty South Pacific into your cupped hands and carry it all the way to Kansas."

Not sure I can do #10 but sure enjoyed reading it.
Gary: writing is like tying a tie in the dark. #10 seemed the indulgence to me when I wrote it, but it is possibly the only real advice in the whole piece that is literally what I do to cope. go figure.

I like that a fine poet like you likes it. Thank you. (and I did finally read and commented on That Post)

Fay: for you, free. thank you.

Boan: Yeah! i really do that too. I am filled with love for human beings when I do it. and the more I do it the more i feel I can see whole life stories in a shoulder, a step, what's missing in a look. thank you.

Gary: uh-oh. Now I will do even LESS of the work that pays the rent . Thanks a LOT. ;)

Dave: thank you! love that Brailing piece. Such good prose.
Awesome. Intelligent. Thank you.
Numbers 12 and 15 particularly speak to me this morning. I realize I do ,ost of the list without even thinking...surely this is a good thing!

R for wisdom.
This was great Greg. I quit feeding the beast, but the damn documentaries are scarier that the horror movies!
ClarK: thank you, friend. if only we could zoom away.

Lea! thank you.

Maureeenow: thank you.

BuffyW: 15 is inevitable I guess. some resist it. thank you

scanner: For sure, dude. I've seen documentaries lately that make me not want to eat, breath, or leave the house. thanks.

donna: another vote for 10. so glad I left it in. thank you.


I must work now, but will return later and comment to any that follow, I promise!
Rule #1 is right where it should be. Here's one I borrowed from The Moviegoer by Walker Percy: "Stick to Bach and the Italians."

Greg, this was lovely beyond words. Especially number 10.

There is never time for fantasy. It should be a required subject in any education.

Oh my wise friend
What can I say?
I'm in tears, truly
but these are tears of relief
for your gift
of comfort, of understanding
of beauty and grace
for the sacred and the secular,
the human and the humanist.
My words, stupid word
are inadequate; but yours
I will stitch on a pillow
And absorb fully,
I promise you
This is wonderful. I adore #10 (seems we all do) and #8 is something I'm working on vigorously at present. There is so much practical wisdom here. Thank you, Greg.
Beautiful list. Could I skip reading the" Annals of Imperial Rome" though?

One you may have forgotten: tell your people that you love them while you can.
I love this post too. I don't know which is my favorite, but the advice to foreswear indifference--yes.
"Stand still when things collapse."

This nearly made me collapse. There are many things I have to work on in this list. I use my indifference as armor and I doubt kindness all the time. This is so lovely Greg, thank you.
good stuff, Greg. Carry on, my friend.
I love this very much! I'm going to hang it on my wall :-) R
excellent greg. loved and rated and passed along. xxa
As I read through the list, I found myself bouncing from smiles, to tears, to laughter and back to tears. I paused at "Teach someone to tie their shoes" and loved it's simplicity. That is the ultimate test of patience and the ultimate life time reward. Those velcro closure shoes should be banned.
Pure and beautiful. I really love this. I think you have this printed up and framed and sent to all of us! Ha...

I twirl my arms a lot. Kinda known for it. I need my upper body to feel free, like ready for take-off.

I liked that you went there with 28 and 29.
Number eight pretty much saved my marriage. As I watch the last of the snow melt off my gutters from my office window I know the sidewalks will soon be clear for me to take my late-night walks which free the imagination as you describe in number ten.

Great post.
Great list! You could have stopped at number one--the mall is the root of all evil.
Terrific, Greg. I'm tempted to set it to music.
I am Mother of Four Boys, the Great Emporer of RolyPolys and Garden Worms. I fear no Shoelace, nor its vehicle (sorry - thought #17 said "footwear" indifference). I rise up over Fools and Wild Animals and The Boogey Man with a forgiving heart and feed The Beasts chocolate pudding and popcicles laced with laughter. I fix it, feel it, teach it, love it until the day is done and the sun goes down. Until their blossoms close in rich creamy moonlight.

I am Mother of One Daughter, Queen of the Shopping Mall and Adolescent Tears. I fear no Grimace, no Eyeroll, no Discussion. I feel every second of her Grief and Terror in the mythological quest for Footwear Indifference, my shield crested with Butterflies and Melodies, Tissue Paper Hearts and Curly-Q Ponytail Ribbons.

I will Risk it All and Wrestle every Beast, until Kansas is an Ocean and everyone can Loopty-Loop-and-Swirl or get the Rabbit through his Hole.

I am Mother of Five. Don't fuck with me.


You are magnificent. I love your wisdom. I love your fatherly-ness. Thank you, thank you.
This is Wonderful!

I kept hearing the voice of Kurt Vonnegut.

Which I guess ain't half bad!

Have a beauteous weekend, Writerman!
I'm all over #21....and wouldn't think that anyone in their right mind would even consider fucking with 1_Irritated_Mother...I know I wouldn't and I'm a tough chick.
After this 30 step process, I'm going to need a nap. Wonderful.
I've learned to ask, "Would you like me to help?" or "How may I help?"
Everybody has said it already, but I love #10
Doubt everything but kindness~that was my favorite, Greg.

Love this post.
Thanks. I really really needed this today.
Wonderful - love 15, 16 and 23.

Anyone have any shoe-tying teaching tips? We're having trouble with the whole concept. Were it not for velcro sneaker closures, my son would never leave the house.
You are a wise man

Thank you for this
Con: Ha! re: Percy quote. Thank you.

froggy: Thank you. imagination sustains us.

Nikki: {{{hug}}}

you rend me asunder with this. Thank you.

unbreakable: another for 10! Sheesh. What do I know, from what's a keeper? (note to self: trust all urges to retain prose about flying etc.) Thank you.

Luluandpheobe: i love that, with intention. I used to practice Kundalini yoga, so i know approx what you mean. And it means more than just solar plexus. Thank you.

greenheron: Ok, but you don't get the extra credit. And no, Suetonius doesn't count because he was just a gossp.

And the say love suggestion? that goes into Appendix 2: Morality Without Ghosts. Thank you.

sophieh: it's not easy to do. Thank you.

justJuli: it makes effective armor. and we all need a hide to hide behind, at times. Thank you.

dyno! will do. Thank you.

Pavenne: see obligatory action figure cutout purchase requirement above
(Thank you.)

Akopsa: Thank you.

mamoore: you honor me with this comment. and good point about velcro! tho convenience is inevitable. Thank you.

Beth: love twirling. close eyes, open eyes, ride bike with arms stiff, feel the wind.

Glad you appreciate 28/9. It's an acquired taste, mortality. But we must choose this life, eh? and to truly choose it means...

Thank you.

jimmy! saved marriages. a good thing. Thank you, my friend.

Karin: enter mall. brain stop. Thank you.

T. Michael: Feel free. I get lyric credit.

i hope you are serious. I'd love it!

Thank you.

susanmihalic: Thank you.


This is without a doubt the best comment I have ever received. It is the best comment I have ever read on OS. You MUST -- eheheh, I'm serious now -- you MUST post this as a standalone piece.

It soars. It is chockfull of Choice Phrases, and a lush & terrible beauty. It is pitch perfect response to the Gilgamesh-inspired urges of my piece; even MORESO, even.

It is officially Appendix 1: Mother Of Five, DFWM

Thank you, dear one.

Connie: aw, shucks. So it goes. Potooweet. You honor me with the comparison.

beauteous to you, Writerwoman. Thank you.

Shannon: eggs-ackly write about 1_I_M. Thank you.

OESheepdog: you've earned it. nite-nite. Thank you.

geezerchick: 10 again and again. Thank you.

Eden: That one is the heart of this mini-Torah, yes? Thank you.

julien: groovy. I am here thru thursday. try the veal. tip your waitress. g'night!

( Thank you.)

Blue: try a mirror? hey, velcro just works, too. Thank you.

lorelei: except when I am not. Just ask my my two teen daughters. (the one in her thirties sees more clearly) Thank you.

Elisa: pick one up for my wife, OK? I'll just sit in the car and read. ( Thank you.)
What wonderful guidelines for considering a life well-lived...
The first piece I read of yours was last week when I joined, it was "why I am the way I am". I knew I'd like what ever else you wrote.... I was laughing by #1 , sucking my breath in by #15 and nodding in agreement by #26. Thank you I can't wait to try them all.
I like #8, but I have to remember to say it like I haven't said it fifty times already or to say it like I really want to help them or to say it like I am ready and eager to hop up and get with their quest for knowledge (in the library). At home, I try to say it without a sharp knife in my hand.
Love this. I'm happily stuck at #11.
This is just wonderful. Like many others, I love #10. My husband would agree with #1 (he gets nauseous if he finds himself in the mall), but I have to disagree (grew up on Long Island).
I love lists, I love THIS list! As a deep sigh-er of resignation, I especially love the reminder of #6, also the poetry of #10, & the visual of #11 (bizarrely envisioning the scene in the Buster Keaton film where the building falls around him & he's just standing there). I like all this wisdom & compassion & recognition of what matters in life vs. what tears us down & should be avoided or released. No one-notes here.
Greg, I love you for writing this post (and I don´t even know you!) and I LOVE THIS POST! - like that, with capital letters all around. I print it, like Owl; I´ve read the copyright terms, no problem, I´ll also buy the Greg Correl action figure cutout (hilarious!)
Gave ample consideration to #28, chose #10, found an amazing human quality - can see people other than myself in #14.
Tips ranging from the practical and the sublime. Nicely done.
Wait - Are we allowed to choose from the list. I didn't know that.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I love the way the Universe puts just what (and whom) you need in your path - just when you need it.
And I really, really needed it.
Thank you.
Why don't they hand this out at the hospital when we're born?
Excellent advice. I'll just my friend Paul Park's admonition (key for procrastinators!): "Expedite the inevitable."
mypsyche: I like that way of describing it. Thank you.

hugs: what a fine comment. If you do try them all I will buy you a cheese sandwich. on whole wheat. plus a pickle! ( Thank you.)

nola: love your avatar name. love libraries and librarians. Put down that knife mom, we were just kidding! Thank you.

Juliet: 11 is inevitable. Thank you.

Stellaa: i love your grouchy soul long time.

Yeah, OK. I take your point. But I get a half-a-point for a non-list list, right? And an extra quarter point for am absurdly poetic flight of fancy, smack dab?

Con recently said the key to organization is to label everything miscellaneous. He's such a wise guy.

Linda: Thank you. It's an involuntary response some of us have, the mall thing. Maybe it's their air filters.

suzie: Buster Keaton, yes, I know the scene, PERFECT! If he had been one inch wrong. And he's deadpan the whole time.

Ahh. "no one-notes". That's fine praise for a writer. Thank you.

Marcela: hey how are you and is your family doing OK? ANOTHER quake. Good grief.

Oh, great. Now I have to lose weight and put the spandex on and actually make an action cutout!

-- Thank you.

rooster88: 14 is the most fun you can have with your clothes on and is deeply satisfying and exponentially increases us as writers, if we really look and have compassion. Thank you.

MJ: Thank you.

DH: sorry, times up. All the good ones are taken. I can write #31 just for you but it'll cost, big time.

Actually 10 should be free. Wait: it's all free verse, technically. Damn!

( Thank you.)

Sissy414: totally awesome. And this explains what that message was on my machine, from the Universe, earlier today. I didn't play it back, but glad it all worked out.

and thank you.

O'really: OK, now that is just way too cool. My collar feels a little tight.

I would have to add "remember to floss" if i'm going to be responsible for the kindelech getting it right.

Thank you, sweet one.
Greg! thanks for your concern. I am very fortunate because I don´t live in Chile but in Argentina, across from the mountain range of the Andes. Chileans are my neighbours, we go to Chile, they come over, it´s a very near relationship, so as for the quakes, the situation is terrible over there. We are collecting and sending things that way all the time. I love Chile so I feel that tragedy closer. Thanks again for asking.
Your recent post had such immediacy, such articulate concern, plus the pictures and the details -- I assumed you were in Chile.

I hope the mountains calm down.
Many gems here. The 5/6 combination and 13 particularly resonate with me, today anyway.
all, yes, but especially 25. very especially.
Oh does this speak to me. I love O'Really's comment that this should be given to us when we're born. It's that essential. Excellent, Greg.
I love this. Not heeding #15 will get you into more trouble than you would think. _r
AtHome: it's a smorgasbord-orgasboard! Thank you

femme: yep. that will undo all the rest. Thank you

Lisa: wow. I still say, though, that stuff about flossing, and perhaps don't dive into the shallow end of the pool, too. My head still hurts.

Thank you

Joan: I agree. Sometimes tho it's the prudent choice to defer, it until you have skills. Thank you.


In case anyone else comments: I'm a shaky old guy (OK, 55), wanna go be with my family. But I will reply to all later, and this has been an especially surprising and touching set of comments from everyone.
sunnysidesunnysidesunnysidesunnysidemycatisdeadsunnysidesunnysidesunnyside.... (I'll feel better tomorrow. That's how healing works.) A sweet list of truths. May we all work our way to the bottom without forgetting the ones at the top and having to start over.
I'll have to print this out and post it. Great stuff, fine poetry.
other comments have already said it all, greg. all i can add is 'thank you'.
Do not feed the beast. Stand still when thing collapse. Very very good advise. I never go to malls.
#7 really hit me for some reason. I like lists, have latent OCD tendencies to these things - and I especially like transcendent lists. This list will be printed and placed on my refrigerator (sp.? what a weird word!) so I can try to do one of the things on it each day.
I'm sort of over #15, and might try #3 today. #17 is an every day concern.
You are a super human!
"Read until the repetition speaks to you -- the endless parade of pro-consuls and praetors, sullied by the occasional tyrant. Read until you are gobsmacked by this: we were always this way."

It's the sullying by tyrants that creeps up on us every time.

Great post.

P. S. I cannot be trusted at the mall.
Maybe it's just been that kind of a work week, but the one I liked best was #22 -- rated!
Delicious! In so many ways!
Another good post. Rated for good, really good. Keeper post!
I am thankful to know I'm not the only one zooming out there.

I haven't thought of Gilgamesh in such a long time. Thank you for the fact, thank you for all of this. It is helpful to commune regarding our hope travels. That's what reading this felt like, communion.
I need to print this out and tape it up. I need to remember.
Greg this was awesome. I am very tired so I had to read very slowly and that made everything more real. The only one I don't yet get is: 23 because some kindness is a sham. I guess you meant the real deal. Excellent. Should be printed out and put over all our desks. r
bellweather! HA! wait, i hope your cat is ok, actually. I start over every day. Thank you

sweetfeet: Thank you.

missingk8: Thank you

Bernadine: I recently read Gilagamesh, and The Buried Book/David Damrosch, and made this post; in a way this is part two. The Bull of Heaven was sent by Ishtar to punish Gilgamesh.

rita: I try not to. My daughters think I am an alien. Thank you

aim: hey, refrigerator IS a weird word. Like it's missing a D somewhere.

Well, not super. Maybe "special".

Thank you

Blue: those darn sulliers.

The mall probably doesn't trust you. or me. Thank you

Typo: And all fools suffer. Heck, we all suffer. So I guess we have to dufer them, Damn.

Thank you

Bonnie: It sure is. That's why i garden. Thank you

anna: Thank you!

scupper: For, you, I'll give a lifetime license. Just don't e-sell it without proper attribution.

Sparking: some zoom, some thrum, some scintillate.

And it sure does feel like communion. This has been a pretty amazing experience, this post. It got a different and better response than I expected!

I'll be popular until my next post, in which I explain how there is no God, and what we should do next.

Thank you

Losing: every time someone cites a number i have to scroll back up to see which one that is. Thanks.
wendyo: hmm. I am tempted to say the real kind, but wont. Even faux kindness is superior to out and out cruelty.

Thank you.
This is gorgeous and I love it. It's better than Baz Luhrman's list of advice (the sunscreen thing, which I think is really Mary Schmich's). Rated for the directive to go home from the mall. Really, malls give me the willies.
excellent and inspiring list! R!
Love this!
#1 & #8 made me laugh because they're true.
My two favorites:

Read until you are gobsmacked by this: we were always this way. This is a regular and unexpected reminder for me. I've thought of it before and continue to be surprised by it anew.

Allow for pretense as a temporary measure. This graceful method of handling discomfort or embarrassment, usually of the social variety, was always practiced beautifully by my mother. I was so contemptuous of it. Silly me.
You know I love this, Greg. I just forgot to say it up there in my comment. I don't ever want to feel like it goes without saying. You richly deserve the satisfaction of hearing it every time you write.
A long time ago I attend a retreat and wrote "You should always procrastinate when it comes to suicide."
Loved every bit of it, but especially Nos. 10 & 18, both of which could have sprung as easily from William Blake, and so appeal to the incurable romantic in me, both for having an affair with the angel of imagination and for coughing up the price of experience when others somehow manage to forget and move on. Lovely. Rated.
Mary-Anndroid: love your avatar name. Malls give out those willies for free to make you come back again and again. Willies are a gateway drug. Thank you

Patty: Thank you

Caroline: true for us cool kids! Thank you

susanliving: Yeah. Surely someone already said this. I MUST be "channeling" it from some Zen book. Thank you

Lainey! I love that you love the gobsmacked line. It amazes me more don't know this. Education stifles our deep appreciation of who we are and how we got this way.

And yeah, our parents were right about stuff. Silly us.

Thank you. And Thank you.

Ubermensch: Solid advice. Thank you

AJCalhoun: An elegant comment. You are first I think to comment on 18; that one took me a long time to learn. You have to love humans as they really are to get it. Thank you
Love this list. I'm great at #1, not so good with #2 and going to start working on the rest of them; especially #10! Thanks for this.
The key to marital bliss: "8. Learn to ask: What do you want?"

The key to physical wellness: "3. Swing your arms vigorously. Turn your palms up."

The key to a successful career: "6. Never sigh with resignation if you can rise up and fix it."

The key to emotional stability: "25. Do not feed the beast."

The key to a wholesome family: "19. Set it all aside when it's time to teach someone how to tie their shoes."

The key to successful personal finance: "1. Don't go to the mall. If you are at the mall, go home."

The key to spiritual enchantment: "30. Wrestle with the Bull of Heaven. Avoid being gored or trampled."

Yep, Greg - looks like you covered all the bases!!!

~r for excellence, and for remembering what Tacitus wrote on page 17 (I had to look it up!)
Molly: thanks, sweetie!

McKenna: another vote for 10. thank you

Kit: wow. thanks for the close read and I like your re-org of it. Now it looks like it makes sense!

Do I tell the truth and admit I just said 17 as a random page number?
Or do i pretend I mean page 17 of the Penquin classics translation where the numbing sensation takes effect, and one realizes it's going to be like this until Sulla?

I'll go with self-aggrandizing bullshit. 'Yep, I remembered that!'

thank you
LOL, Greg! It already made sense! I just reverted back to college-itis and made a quick "cheat sheet" to help me remember the high points - obviously, it's imperfect and not universal. Heck, I didn't even include number 10 in it!!! You done REAL good here - but now I'm wondering how to get one of them life size Greg posters for my studio!!

Here's another RATING for you. Oh, I know, I know - it's not REAL - or IS it? I mean, in the existential sense, can't I give all the ratings I want? I mean, just because the software is limited doesn't mean that WE have to be limited, right? You definitely deserve more than the one rating I'm allotted - so here's a whole mess of 'em!!! And thanks, again for a great post!!!!
I love #22...Suffer fools only if they suffer first.

My grandpa never suffered fools, snakes or liars.

I couldn't agree more!
but.. after 911 bush told us all to go shopping.
life is confusing.
Number eleven is my favorite. It's fun to be completely still amidst commotion.
Such a wonderful way to start the day, thank you!

Kit: I am overwhelmed by your enthusiastic response.

I start to garden again next month so it will take a while for me to get trim again and for that action figure cutout to be ready. Then again maybe I should have a new one made: me, sitting, typing.

And i know what you mean. I give out WP's - writer's Picks -- and with all the new good writers I have typed in a lot of them lately

Thank you!

Kim: People like your grandpa scared us into being better people.

The problem is everyone suffers. So we suffer almost everyone. ah well...

thank you

vzn: ah those halcyon minutes of yore, when we were united and terrified together.

And the motto of those days: Stop, Shop, and Let's Roll? (or was it Shop, for Slop, Droll? Shop, Shop, and Drool? Shop, Baby, Drill? I can't remember

rachel: thanks: hey that's true! "if you can keep your head while all about others are losing theirs, you're probably the only one laughing!"

stephanie: thank you
Risk suicide, but don't do it, unless absolutely necessary. Of all your wise thoughts about living here, this is the one that has kept me alive, and the one least understood by others.

Thank you for understanding this. Thank you. Thank you.
Risa: Thank you. V.S. Naipual said literature is for the mature. Understanding the necessity of choosing this mortal, dreadful, ecstatic interlude, every day, is also for those who have reached a certain point. For life to truly Be we must weigh it, daily. Else we drift along, indifferent. Glad you commented.
Chameleon: Thank you. Now don't go assassinating anyone!
Good advice, 11 an 30 being my favorites
Words I aspire to live by. Thank you Greg.