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MARCH 19, 2012 6:02PM

Apparently plush dolphins are now considered bath toys.

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Life with children so far seems be a study on supreme hilarity with moments of unicorn beauty.

And so spring break begins.

I happened to glance around the house and here is what I found:

A stranded plush dolphin in a cereal bowl in the bath tub.

A perfectly poised unicorn.

The detritus of approximately ten minutes where I stopped cleaning.

The landing space for all things with no other place to go.

A decoupaged box filled with hair accessories including feathers overflowing next to kid toothpaste and a lone Dora domino.

If not for little ones acquiring things and moving things and sleeping with things and bathing with things this house might be a very different place indeed. Cheers to all parents on spring break everywhere, but not the ones on vacation by water you lucky so and so.'s.

Still time to enter the giveaway two posts back. Check back for winner tomorrow!

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