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APRIL 12, 2012 3:14PM

Keychains, one last hat and Miriam.

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I have sparkle headbands in the works but I needed to list these last few items before getting to those. One last hat, one more necklace and two silver key chains I found from my metalsmithing days before children. I developed this weird paranoia after Sadie was born that the oxygen tank was going to blow up so I bled it out and there my torch sits to this day.

In case you were wondering the key chains say FRACAS and DISPUTATIOUS

Pronunciation: /ˈfrākəs, ˈfrak-/
noun (plural fracases)
a noisy disturbance or quarrel.

early 18th century: French, from fracasser, from Italian fracassare 'make an uproar'

Pronunciation: /ˌdispyo͝oˈtāSHəs/
fond of or causing heated arguments:
a congenial hangout for disputatious academics
disputatious council meetings



ONE LAST HAT, no more I promise. Unless inspiration strikes, then all bets are off.

And this is Miriam. I have been compelled to give all my jewelry stories so I will give you Miriam's right now that way you don't have to go all the way to Etsy to look it up-

Miriam grew up in Florida. She mostly remembers the swishy heat on her face and arms as she walked to school and at the beach seeing the stingrays she was slightly afraid of. Her parents were inspirational speakers who traveled the country so she mostly lived with her oldest sister Mary and Mary's husband Frank and their two boys Bob and Joe. Miriam was always tripping over the boys numerous plastic trucks. She remembers sometimes dreading her parents occasional visits because all they did was quote scripture and smile huge fake smiles. Miriam is determined that when she has children she will never ever leave them and she will always be real.

She is made of glass and vintage glass beads on waxed linen with a vintage mother of pearl button and loop closure. She has a sparkly vintage rhinestone drop in the loveliest blue. Like Florida skies at dusk.
Miriam is double stranded and measures right around 18 inches.

Wear her with blue jeans and ball gowns and don't fake smile.

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