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MAY 13, 2012 9:11AM

To Gigi

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Thank you for the pile of mulch delivered to our driveway every spring that lived there deep into the summer, our mountain. The spaghetti noodle fight where all of us screamed "Worms!" while laughing till we thought we would die. The encouragement to do what we loved, even go to art school. To dream. The hugs given. Your peachy paisley robe you wore at the old house and how you dried your hair with the old iron vent in the bathroom sometimes. For perming my hair and then cutting it asymmetrically in the fifth grade (it was cool then.) For finding us teeny sized woman's fancy shoes to play in and my magical Halloween costumes and dress up clothes that you made.

For my translucent Cinderella record that we would play over and over again. For teaching us kindness and compassion. For letting us try to dig our own pool every single summer and even giving us trash bags to line it with because we thought then the water would stay in. For letting us be OUTSIDE.

For teaching me to love the dentist and dogs.

And apparently wolves.

For teaching all of us to swim and love the water.

Thank you for attempting to teach me how to cook and I'm really sorry that never worked out.

Your generosity in all things. For all of the picking up and dropping off that I now understand to be an act of love each and every time, year after year. For never being late to collect me. Not once. For all of the help you give me now because surely I would not survive four kids without you. Thank you. I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day.

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This is, without question, the BEST Mother's Day card I have ever seen. Thank your generous heart for sharing it.