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March 29
Mother of four.


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MAY 25, 2012 9:31AM

So far summer vacation feels like war.

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I will admit I was not prepared. I made no plans or schedules. Camps are too expensive times four. Everything is too expensive times four. I naively thought we would all somehow float along, sleep in, lunches no longer having to be packed meant that our noonday meal would just appear on the table when we were hungry. I thought we would all get along and play and I would find the chance to sew and write and chop down bushes in the backyard. It's not like that. It's more like I am sincerely wondering why God in all his wisdom would give me four children. It's more like me hoarse from refereeing and explaining to the two oldest that it (every single thing) is not a competition and then I cry in the shower and the two youngest kids come and find me and climb in. This is exhausting and hard and I feel tricked into this career of mothering. I was aiming for artist and somehow landed in child development hell. I was considering working out a payment system to bribe the girls to go the gym with me because Charlie is the only one who likes it, however Sadie actually understands money now so she wants $5 a visit. I'm sure that in a few days when the pool opens and life settles into some sort of routine I will feel better. I think right now I have what divers get when they come up to the surface to fast. I have the bends. This has all happened to fast and when you are 2 and 4 and 6 and 8 listening to your mother really does feel like an option. To all parents of four everywhere please send prayer and advice my way because I am absolutely positive you have this more figured out than I do.

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