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December 31
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first off that 5% declaration they keep throwing around is a perfect sign of the lazyness to come from this segment... the 5% number (which is closer to 4% anyway) is the approx. OVERALL number of people that CO… Read full post »

"I turned around, and there was just blood — just blood dripping down the stairs, all over the floor, all over everyone's towels, on their necks, just a lot of blood," Melody Vinton, a student at Lone Star community college, told KHOU-TV of this gripping macabre scene just hours after a… Read full post »



 One of my favorite 'ridiculous' claims regarding the jobs report, the jobs picture, and the Obama Administration (and no it’s not the crazy BLS, cooking the numbers conspiracy theory, but it is just about as nonsensical!) it’s the one you have heard made by some on thRead full post »

JANUARY 22, 2013 12:58PM

DEM vs GOP... Let history be the judge!

            Even if you would have asked me to make up whatever facts and present them in whatever way I wanted to, I still would have had a hard time writing this one because it would just seem so darn unbelievable!! Sometimes you have to debate aRead full post »

OCTOBER 18, 2012 11:22AM

Anatomy of a Facebook Post!


I Posted these two examples of Foxnews "journalists" (I know I know) on my wall which I thought was a good reflection of the ridiculousness and hypocrisy displayed by the right when it came to decorum at the VP debate and for that matter the complete

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   Repost from Mid March...Still Pretty Accurate! What a Prognostication!

 (Everynow and again I like to go back through previous posts from various points and compare them to reality;-) In this post from March 12th I took a look at Romney's approach to winning his party's nomination.Read full post »



In the past, on more than one occasion, I have used the provocative talking point regarding the amount of people that pay no fed income taxes! I expresseRead full post »

OCTOBER 9, 2012 10:28AM

My Week Late Thoughts On Debate

My My thoughts on the debate...

I love PBS Newhour and I love Jim Lehrer but he was either entirely off his game or is just too old to moderate last night
President Obama seemed aloof, tired, and just dispassionate! He definitely did an inadequate job of continuing the… Read full post »
My thoughts on the debate...

I love PBS Newhour and I love Jim Lehrer but he was either entirely off his game or was just too old to moderate the other night

President Obama seemed aloof, tired, and just dispassionate! He definitely did an inadequate job of continuing the line of attack… Read full post »
OCTOBER 8, 2012 10:11AM

Grey Treed's Week Late Debate Analysis

My thoughts on the debate...

I love PBS Newhour and I love Jim Lehrer but he was either entirely off his game or is just too old to moderate last night

President Obama seemed aloof, tired, and just dispassionate! He definitely did an inadequate job of continuing the line of attack on 'Mitch'… Read full post »


 Pay Close Attention to the Bottom of the Graph that breaks down indiviual shows and various outlets as a whole. 


new infographic bigger yet



 Foxnews perfected the use of propaganda journalism using fear, spin, and patriotism (or the lack thereof if you happened to question prRead full post »

SUPER PAC Priorities
SUPER PAC logo_restore_our_future 
So during the republican primary when Will Robme (romney) constantly hid behind the wink and a nod explanation about his total unaffiliation with his super pac and his complete inability to set thier agenda in any way (all with a straight face mind you) that was all… Read full post »
AUGUST 10, 2012 4:22PM

America's Broken 'Scholar' Bone

I dont think it's a very big surprise to learn that the nations which experienced a quicker than expected economic recovery also performed outstandingly well in the World Education Rankings released in 2010, which suggests a correlation between prospering economies and financial sectors wiRead full post »




 In MITT'S Opinion: his business experience is actually the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the country needs! 

Mitt Romney has been touting for quite a long time now that his main qualification to be president is his business experience and turnaround prowess! So iRead full post »


 Don't Touch, Don't Touch, Come on!


I am always so confused when I hear members of the right lament about the slow speed of the economic recovery! The Lack of logic in the republican wing of our political 'structure' right now is staggering. They will talk about how terrible the recession was, how… Read full post »

MAY 10, 2012 11:39AM

Quote(s) Of The Day...

"A Bank is a place that lends money to a person who can prove they dont need it!"

~Bob Hope 


"Time flies like an Arrow; Fruit flies like a Banana!"

~Grouch Marx  


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APRIL 17, 2012 2:23PM



                              POOR CISCO

 On April 14, 2012 Michael Paxton's best friend, Cisco, a docile Blue Healer, was gunned down by an APD officer that responded to the wrong address of a dRead full post »

MARCH 12, 2012 4:29PM

Mitt's Mechanics are a Mess!!!

 Cyborg romney


     I hate to let this presidential nominating process get me angry considering the candidates and the process itself has been about as serious as a "Naked Gun" sequel but (with the help of  the 20 stop debate-a-paloozaa tour) I am finally beginning to get a… Read full post »

I move for a new question! Unemployment Schmum-employment, Its constantly talked about!

FEBRUARY 21, 2012 4:33PM

I know Mitt blows but Santorum really?


      This "Second helping" of Rick Santorum has truly once again befuddled me, considering the crazyness of this particular messy nominating process and the evangelical and ultra conservatives types these nominees have been pandering to, Maybe befuddled isnt the best choice I g… Read full post »

        I am not even pretending to act like I think I know what disgusting and disrespecful thoughts run through Foster 'froze in the fifties' Frieese's brain but I dont think people were understanding what he was saying...


 puke romney


         In this most recent nominating process it has been an extremley sensitive topic to refer to Mitt Romney's religion as a determing factor in why you do or do not vote for him.  The main problem with that hypocritical sensitivity is tha… Read full post »


 IDEAL (7 Seasons made, series ended in 2011) - Great, dark Comedy, about a Hashish and Weed Dealer in Manchester, England named Moz.  Mainly Set in his apartment and centerd around Moz's 'dealings' with the clients and friends that are constantly showing up at his place for one thin… Read full post »

Romney Cuts 


romney cuts 

Cuts Would Be Far Deeper than Under Ryan Budget Plan

Governor Romney's budget proposals would require far deeper cuts in nondefense programs than the House-passed budget resolution authored by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan: $94 billion to $219 billion deeperRead full post »

Watch A History of Mitt Romney's Stances on Releasing Tax Returns on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

The recent fecalstorm regarding Mitt Romney's vacillating around the issue of releasing his tax returns is truly disturbing . ("vacillate" - To waiver in mind, will, or feeling; to hesitate i…

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