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FEBRUARY 17, 2012 4:03PM

Any promiscuous women have an aspirin between their legs?

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        I am not even pretending to act like I think I know what disgusting and disrespecful thoughts run through Foster 'froze in the fifties' Frieese's brain but I dont think people were understanding what he was saying...
       I was talking to a few people last night and they were asking "how in the world  aspirin would act as birth control" I had to explain that He wasnt  implying that if u shove a tylenol up you're crotch it will keep you from getting pregnant.  I was actually surprised at the amount of people who thought that, even a multitude of commentators/pundits on TV assumed that's what he was referring too, thats partially why I decided to write this. Not that it makes a real difference,the tenor of what that barf bag was saying was just beyond ridiculous, but he was talking about women not needing medicene for birth control, they just need to keep thier legs shut! Get it, aspirin between your knees, open your legs the asprin falls!!( oh and by the by, I am a single Hetro Male so again I surely dont agree with this bible humpin' pig, just as a point of clearty thought I'd explain away any possible confusion!;-).  

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