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APRIL 17, 2012 2:23PM


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                              POOR CISCO

 On April 14, 2012 Michael Paxton's best friend, Cisco, a docile Blue Healer, was gunned down by an APD officer that responded to the wrong address of a domestic disturbance call.

 "APD officer drew his gun on me in my driveway when I came from my backyard to get something from my truck yesterday. He was responding to a domestic violence call and came to my address by mistake.

"While I was at gunpoint my dog came from my backyard barking at the officer. I yelled for the officer to not shoot my dog, that he will not bite, but the officer immediately shot and killed my dog right in front of me.

I was unable to stop or restrain Cisco because I was being held at gunpoint.

Please like Cisco's page so that I can spread the word about this senseless tragedy and hopefully find justice for Cisco". ~  'Justice for Cisco'  Facebook Page~

by: Michael Paxton

I am totally baffled by the decision of the Austin Police Dept (click link and ask them to reconsider thier position)  to completely exonerate Officer Griffin of any wrong doing in the recent shooting of this small dog (under 50 lbs so Im kinda confused as to what he thought that dog could have done to him?) and to not distribute even a slap on the wrist of this guy is crazy! If for nothing else he should be cited for the way he treated Mr. Paxton after the incident which was truly sick and deplorable!!  I am keenly aware of the relatively recent change in police policy and practice from the age old adage of Protecting and SERVING (although the move away from the later adjective is anything but recent) to a younger, more aggressive, less respectful force, yet still they should have to be accountable to the people of their community.  If for no other reason than the fact that WE pay THEM... THIER families eat because the people in the community work hard to pay thier salaries! We also do this with blind faith and little or no say in how they choose to allocate our money!  My father was a police officer ! He would always preach to us about how totally ashamed he was of the newer generation of power hungry, status driven, police officers . He would speak of how fearful he was that this would lead to them forgetting there place in the community!! As a younger person I honestly just thought he was being a cranky, cynical, old man yet its the near daily incidence of stories like this one, across the country, that brought those words back to me and made that previous hope for his cynacism seem naive!! With the amount of power our country affords the police we, as Americans, would be totally cretinous to allow for anything less than a Responsible, Ethical, and Sensitive Police Force. 

~Grey Treed 




APD Stupid Policy Regarding  Firearm Discharge

 Link to Your News Now Newscast that sheds more light 


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Grey,thank you for sharing and for the information.I always consider the OS community-meaning,all us that write here-as a strong community..that will helρ each other.Wishes for the best..Rated..
We just liked your ραge-me and my family-in Facebook and we wish you best luck!!
Not wanting anything at all to do with Facebook, I'll not "like" your page there. I do however, offer you my most sincere condolences on the loss of a member of your family.

There is no question that the police are out of control. The only ones with the power to reign them in are judges and politicians. But those same judges and politicians must depend upon the police for protection from those who would take revenge on them for their wrongdoing. They dare not reign in the cops and lose that protection. The lesson of the Kennedy assassination was not lost on them. When the "protectors" don't, somebody dies.

Best to you in your time of grief......

I wrote "reign" instead of "rein"....... twice!
(A "senior's" moment)

Awful. What a heartbreaking story. I went to the facebook page already.