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MAY 16, 2012 3:17PM

2nd Worst Recession = 2nd Slowest Recovery YEA and...

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I am always so confused when I hear members of the right lament about the slow speed of the economic recovery! The Lack of logic in the republican wing of our political 'structure' right now is staggering. They will talk about how terrible the recession was, how it was the worst setback to our financial system since The Great Depression. Then literally in the exact same thought will try to condemn the president for the slow pace of the recovery, proclaiming that it is the slowest paced recovery since The Great Depression!?! Am I missing something?  Why wouldn't the worst series of events to happen to our economy since the stock market crash of 1929 take longer to correct than anything since... the stock market crash of 1929 HELLO! In the simplest way possible (since its obvious things like this need to be dumbed down and repeated to be understood by some) The second worst financial crisis ever, may take the second longest amount of time to come out of, WHAT A SHOCKER!

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Well said, Grey Treed. This new Far Right Tea Party Republicans will say anything to attack the President and Democrats. Facts or fiction do not matter. The GOP blew up the economy for their 8 years in power. President Obama needed to first stabilize it before it has grown albeit slowly. The housing market is still anemic and scraping bottom. That is the biggest drag on the economy. Once that is worked out, the economy will pick up steam. Great article.
Hey Thanks a lot Howard and you are exactly right!!!!!