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JANUARY 22, 2013 12:58PM

DEM vs GOP... Let history be the judge!

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            Even if you would have asked me to make up whatever facts and present them in whatever way I wanted to, I still would have had a hard time writing this one because it would just seem so darn unbelievable!! Sometimes you have to debate a theory of economic methodology and force made up rhetoric to fit what you want to be the case but unfortunately we live in this crazy world with REAL statistical representation of previous presidents time in office and It cant ALL JUST BE COINCIDENCE that this is the record!!!!!!


Under LBJ revenue grew by 25%, SPENDING grew by 24%.-DEM


Under Nixon revenue grew by 17%, spending grew by 21%-GOP


Under Ford revenue grew by 11%, spending grew by 22%.-GOP


Under Carter revenue grew by 20%, SPENDING grew by 13%.-DEM


Under Reagan revenue grew by 15%, spending grew by 25%.-GOP


Under Bush Sr. revenue grew by 17%, spending grew by 18%-GOP


Under Clinton revenue grew by 35%, SPENDING grew by 9%.-DEM


Under Bush Jr. revenue grew by 10%, spending grew by 25%.-GOP


Isn’t it weird how the rhetoric on the RIGHT always finds its way to debt reduction when a Democrat is in the White House? That ideological benchmark is set aside when a member of the GOP takes over as POTUS!! It’s a sad hypocritical and cynical game they are willing to play just for that feeling of political superiority!!!

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We, The People, need to keep smoking out these facts from the beaurocratic caves in which they've been sequestered, and let them enjoy the bright, honest light of day, where they can be viewed by We, The People, plainly and directly, and without spin.

The other ways to look at it are:

~ The steps required to achieve debt reduction are never popular. The Dems are so weak kneed/willed that the Rethugs can shove through unpopular spending plans that make the Dems look bad and that help the Rethugs when it's THEIR turn. Of course, the Dems don't have the spine to return the favor.

~ The other possibility, and the one I prefer, is that there is 0% difference between the Dems and the Rethugs. They ALL are DemoRethuglicans. It's all a HUGE political con game perpetrated against the American people.

That is EXACTLY why we need a strong and effective Green Party to balance out both "teams" being on the same side.
Well, I have to respectfully disagree with you on this, Amy.
Yes, the Ruling Class is as of one mind on most things, most of the time, and usually doesn't have the working class' best interest in mind [at least not for the past 45 years] But don't be so naive and/or hardened as to not believe that once in a while -once in a while- history sends the proles someone who truly cares. History has, does, and will.
President Obama, I believe, is one of those rarities.
Any consideration of Mr. Obama must take into consideration that he is but one man, trying to change, yet surrounded by, an entrenched establishment.
So put away your doubts, your hostilities, reread his speech, and start seeing what you can do to help make his second inaugural address a reality.