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FEBRUARY 27, 2009 11:33AM

Rove (Turd Blossom) Dirty Tricks Began Young (1972 Video)

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Karl Rove (aka Turd Blossom) certainly is a guy that many of us love to hate. It was George W. Bush that tagged him with the name of a desert cactus that arises from piles of excrement (aka shit).  On Wednesday he wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal titled Obama's Straw Men .  Incredibly, Rove stated “In his inaugural address -- which was generally graceful toward the opposition -- Mr. Obama proclaimed, "We have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord." Which Republican ran against him on fear, conflict and discord?”  Uh, hello Mr. Turd Blossom.  Does the name John McCain (and unfaithful companion Sarah Palin) ring a bell? Romney? Huckabee? Sheeeesh!


Yesterday Salon’s Glenn Greenwald called him out in a detailed article titled Karl Rove: Self-deluded or consciously dishonest?  Over 400 readers have commented so far and most are just amazed at Rove’s “in your face” hypocrisy and outright lying. Greenwald’s question is a good one without a clear answer (both are correct) as Rove has been doing this for his entire life. He is clearly consciously dishonest, and at the same time delusional in that he truly seems to “believe his own bullshit” (sorry, couldn’t think of a clearer way to put it). Make no mistake, Rove is a cunning man.  He is re-positioning himself to become the moderate voice of the right wing of the GOP. His stint on Fox News and articles like the one in the WSJ are his attempts at re-inventing himself. Even he knows that candidates like Palin, Jindal, and Huckabee appeal to the “wing nut faction” of the party, and that this base is not large enough to get them elected.  Dangerous enough?  Yes. Large enough to get elected? No.  And so Rove is moving himself into the next phase of his career.


And unbelievably, now Rove has taken to Twitter-stalking our own Roger Fallihee as he noted on his timely OS post today titled Karl Rove Is Now Following Me on Twitter.  


Rove was born on December 25, 1950 (Denver, CO) and has been confusing the meaning of that date ever since (early delusional start). He had a rough childhood in terms of his relationship with his parents. The man he knew as his father divorced his mother (1969) and declared himself a homosexual. Rove later learned that this man was not his biological father.  His mother committed suicide in 1981.  My heart goes out to him (seriously) as these events had to impact his personality and views toward his fellow man. He described his high school years stating "I was the complete nerd. I had the briefcase. I had the pocket protector. I wore Hush Puppies when they were not cool. I was the thin, scrawny little guy. I was definitely uncool."  When you view the second video below of him as “MC Rove” at the 2007 Radio/Television Correspondents’ dinner you’ll see that nothing has changed here either.


In December 1969 (first draft lottery) his birth date got him #84. This was a high likelihood of being drafted number (mine was 255); however, he managed to parlay it into various deferments.  I am not certain how he did that. Interestingly, his dirty tricks began as early as 1970 .  “Rove used a false identity to enter the campaign office of Democrat Alan J. Dixon, who was running for Treasurer of Illinois. He stole 1000 sheets of paper with campaign letterhead, printed fake campaign rally fliers promising "free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing", and distributed them at rock concerts and homeless shelters, with the effect of disrupting Dixon's rally. (Dixon eventually won the election). Rove's role would not become publicly known until August 1973. Rove told the Dallas Morning News in 1999, "It was a youthful prank at the age of 19 and I regret it.”  Clearly, he didn’t.


In 2002 Wayne Madsen wrote a brief article describing Rove’s start in the Nixon re-election campaign.  His chief mentor was Donald Segretti, who was Nixon’s king “dirty tricks” strategist.  Segretti went on to serve a brief prison sentence for distributing illegal campaign material and a young Rove inherited the ‘dirty tricks” throne.  He has been at it ever since.


Rove became a rising star as a Young Republican while in college. The following video clip is from a 1972 CBS News report (featuring Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather) on the Nixon  re-election campaign.  The entire video is fun to watch for its historical memories; however, the 30 second segment featuring a young Turd Blossom begins at the 3:55 mark. Even then Rove was articulate and confident. He holds up a bumper sticker that appears to read “Generation Of Peace” (GOP); however, I swear it reads “Generation Or Peace.”

 Karl Rove (1972)
(Rove segment begins at 3:55 mark)
Rove at Radio/Television Correspondents' Dinner (2007) 

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He's create more tragedy for others in his miserable life than he has suffered. I could go on but I won't. He is excrement.
I always considered him a glorified Donnie Segretti. Didn't know they actually worked together. He helped W take down Ann Richards in Texas by "polling" which delivered the message that her office was staffed by lesbians. He's as dirty and scummy as it gets.
Some people rise above their wretched beginnings; others wallow in it.

Nice bit o' research here. I didn't know of the Segretti connection either, but it sure makes sense.
He's the spawn of Stephen Hawking and Ann Coulter George. Geek turned Turd Blossom. Well said. Rated!
Fascinating story and good investigative reporting, Grif.
OE – He is pretty vile regardless of his childhood experiences.

Jim – Segretti was his mentor. Everything Rove has done has been vile.

jane - Rove’s behavior seems to be pretty classic reaction formation. It is unbelievable what they say about family values.

B1 – he just totally wallows in it.

KofB – Can you believe W called anyone a turd blossom? Talk about pots calling kettles black.
New – it is rather funny. Glad you got a laugh.

MB – thanks for the compliment.
There is a side to me that is enjoying watching you liberals fuck up the country while trying to revive past conservative boogey men to blame. The country is yours to screw up. the boogeymen are gone. You have no one to blame now but your own idiot leadership. enjoy.
Ed - I love your avatar pic!
Rove should be executed for the rap video alone. We don't even need to bother with the treasonous acts he and the Bushies perpetrated.

Ed: "There is a side to me that is enjoying watching you liberals fuck up the country while trying to revive past conservative boogey men to blame." Sounds pretty Rush-ish.

You self-centered assholes would rather see Obama fail than see your country grow strong again. That's the attitude that got us here in the first place and why your ilk is gone.
Cap'n - I'm with you on this. And good job of esponding to Mister Ed.

jane- "those men must have terribly small penises. except ann coulter, and her problem is that the vestigial one she carries causes her such shame."
Nicely said!!
Grif, I'd like to take a swing at Ed, but you guys handled it far better. Rove needs some quality on-the-couch therapy. For all our sakes, I hope he works out his issues privately now.
ghost writer swinging your purse at me won't do much sweetie.

Jane don't deny Obama his share of the mess. He and the current congressional leadership were in congress the past two and a half years helping creating the current mess. Last time I checked the president can not do much if congress refuses to support his objectives.
Ghost – thanks for stopping by. Rove is not salvageable by any therapist.

merwoman – appreciated.

Ed - Congress (all of them) shares plenty of blame for this mess. Admit it though, the ignorant, lying deceit of W, Cheney and the boys have seriously bankrupted this country. Why are you and so many other so-called conservatives (took this from your bio) so afraid of Obama and his attempts to correct the disasters of our economy? Bush and the gang clearly showed us that they were clueless. If I need to point you to any evidence let me know. I do appreciate the tone of your last comment.