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APRIL 17, 2010 4:48PM

There are some views that are more important than others

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View for the Round Island, Sunnfjord, Norway

This is mine. It's the view from our summer house located on an tiny island. The island is the size of a football field and my family has had it since 1946. It is located on the western coast of Norway.

If I ever learn that I am going to die, this is the view I will have to see for the last time.


(The case is that sometimes is it good to write about som small but important things in what makes a life a good life)

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I like your perspective. Flot!
I wonder - how did u find out about my post?
How did we find your post? Haha, there have been posts today about how some views are more important others...but they were talking about opinions, not vistas. I suspect some of us (me, anyway) clicked on your title to continue the, um, discussion.

Having seen your photo, I think that when I know I'm about to die I'm gonna book a trip to Norway. What are the coordinates of this island? (Of course, all bets are off if my *time* comes in the middle of winter.)
What a great view!
Do you mind if I borrow it? That is some view!!
Someday I'll get computer literate and show you my view.
61° 34' 54'' N - and a little bit to the east
You'll be sorry about giving out those coordinates...tho with the short attention span around here, by the time air travel resumes we'll have forgotten...
tusen takk!
(and, other than bord bonn og ja, vi elsker dette landet, i do not know more norwegian)
thank you for posting such a beautiful photo.
You just made my world better. Thank you. Rated.
what a good idea!
Thank you for those nice comments. I am pleased that someone is trying to write Norwegian - its a minority on earth that has that ability. As a matter of facts - the population is statistical insignificant - if they counted the people of India and came across the Norwegian population they would say that. We are almost 5 million.

I have learned not to be too private on the web. And therefore I shouldn't have given it out. It is not accurate - and if decent people wants to visit they are always welcomed.