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JANUARY 30, 2012 6:07PM

A Hollywood moment in Lillehammer

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 Still for Tuba Atlantic

Some days ago the Oscar nominees were announced - that gave a small town i inland Norway a taste of Tinseltown.

Tuba Atlantic  - a 30 min student film has hit Hollywood - it has already won the Oscar for best student production - and, it was named again last week when the Academy named the nominees for "Short film - live action". The reason might be that this a universal story, about trying to make up when the days are counted, what better then set up a gigantic tuba on the shores of Norway to reach a brother that the main character hasn't met in 30 years.  

The feeling of Tinseltown reaching out for people in winter wonderland on the other side of the world. 
Can you imagine how it feels? There are about 25 000 inhabitants in the small town of Lillehammer. Upon that there are approx 4000 students. Yes we hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994. And yes we have been "blessed" withLittle Steven the past year filming the TV-series Lillyhammer that airs on  Norwegian national TV and on Netflix this spring.

But let me tell you, glamour is a rare thing in this small town. This is a town with days which will be named winter in 2/3 of the rest of the world for 6 months a year. There is a high street, and some more. We are a winter destination - like Aspen. People attending Sundance might feel at home with us - that is if they like the chilly surroundings and weather of Park City.

On February 26th when the Oscars is airing in LA, and the 27th is the date in Lillehammer, I guess (and hope) that we have our own red carpet for the celebration of Halllvard Witzøe who were a student at The Norwegian Filmschool as an exam for his bachelordegree as a filmmaker. 

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I thought you were going to be writing about the netflix tv series Lillehammer! Have you seen it?