February 25
Weather beaten, divorced father of 4 through a lot of changes and far happier than I have been in my entire life... in spite of the day to day crap coming my way. The ability to find the humor in it all and maintain a sense of openness and respect with those with whom I choose to share my free time, makes it all worthwhile. Expect intermittent rants of whimsy as time permits. And maybe the occasional political rant to get my left leaning friends all in a dither.


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JULY 20, 2013 1:19AM

Haiku: Groundhog Day

A too long silence

Painfully More of the Same

Oh my wayward son

I did a dumb move I have avoided for over 6 years and countless hours in a Kayak working out in a manner that has had me drop a ton of weight.  I managed to drop the goddamn iPod in the water. 

Some neighbors were swimming and lolling aroundRead full post »

Kayaking feeds me after having transformed me.  It’s been a long, long road on that regard.  Old dogs suck at new tricks.  They can be slow, slow learners.  Kayaking helped me lose a ton of weight; it gives me a connection to a lake on which I’ve lived my entire life.&Read full post »

(Yes, it's been a long time.  Politics has a strange way these days of ticking me off.)

 Here's a novel concept for Republicans.

Give Obama the $1.6 Trillion in tax cuts that he requests.  Hell, make it $1.7T just to show what nice guys we are.  Don't put up a fight. … Read full post »

JANUARY 15, 2011 10:14PM

Th-th-th-that's All Folks!


 Bugs is in the public domain


Thank you and good bye.

 Those who care can PM, and I will tell you where I am. Read full post »

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I am sorry, but can the news cycle cover something other than snowstorms?  Sweet Jesus.  We live in New England, OK?  It comes with the territory.  This isn’t the Carolinas where a couple inches grinds things to a halt, and the helicopters can get footage worthy of America&rRead full post »


 Rip Van Winkle Coming in Off the Bench

Ronald Reagan ran the country the last time I started a job at a company I did not own.  April 1986.  The day before I managed to step off a beam in my atti/… Read full post »

When I read the open call notification before clicking on it, I immediately went back to my time managing two households in an ice storm that knocked power from one for 13 days and the other for 14 days.  At the time I was also a selectman in a community that… Read full post »

The husband had been speaking to his wife in a foreign language I guessed was from a Slavic country.  He had a Nerf weapon in his hand and an animated look on his face.  After the discussion, he put it back somewhat sorrowfully. 

“Too young for such stuff?” I… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 20, 2010 2:46PM

A Walton Family Christmas It Isn't


(Grandpa Walton would have to be pulling Grandma Walton off the children whilst beating them with a wooden spoon if this is what theirs  looked like.  Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Irritated Mother and Granma Walton in the same room together?  Can anyone prove theyRead full post »

A day for cliches it does not seem
A day for hope, perchance to dream

A slate scrubbed clean
Don't bite the hook, don't be mean

Refrain, hold back, to yourself be dearer
The future requires you look in a mirror

The mind it swirls, finding safety in art
Tying to pieces that touched your… Read full post »

 My last child and only daughter arrived just shy of my 40th birthday and is 12, so do the math.  As such there are times I feel as though I sired my own grandchild.  Indeed, this was said to me by a former mentor boss in a phone conversation touching base… Read full post »

DECEMBER 13, 2010 12:53PM

Twas the Night Before Tax Deal


Twas The Night Before Tax Deal

By Barack Obama



Senator No, The Chinless Leader


Twas the night before tax deal and all through the house

Not a creature was purring, but boy could they grouse


The Blue dogs were… Read full post »

DECEMBER 12, 2010 10:12AM

Watching Live Music

As I enter the function hall, the man I am there to watch, “Devon,” is standing by the door staring at the stage on the opposite end of the long side of the rectangular room.  He is there in rumpled tweed top coat, T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.  Hair, as always, does… Read full post »

DECEMBER 10, 2010 2:38AM

Most Common Lies Men And Women Tell

Another ditzy internet article caught my attention like a lighter flicked in the corner of the eye of an ADD-Addled teen whose meds are starting to wear off.  (I know this.  Two of my three sons tormented the other with this process and he could not look away, like the elderly… Read full post »

Republicans once again are losing the Battle of the Bickering Bloviators on the talking head shows.  The current debate has republicans advocating tax cuts.

These are NOT tax cuts.  Yes, we are discussing current tax rates that, if left alone, would increase.  So the lingo is that it… Read full post »


Sally Field Gushing For Winning For Places in the Heart 

I have been spending some time on a dating website.  I know.  Creepy.  This thing has been around for a while for me.  When a message board moderator in 2003 and 2004 on a site with a/… Read full post »


1/5th of a Second Might Be All The Brain Power They Can Muster, But Who Among Us Doesn't Want That? 

Yeah, you read the title right.  A blurb on MSNBC just stated it takes all of one fifth of a second to fall in love.  That 12 different impulses/… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 28, 2010 10:57PM

The Power of Antietam


The Wounded Lion Monument At Antietam for the 15th Massachusetts Regiment 

Antietam grips you.  I have toured Gettysburg that was far more expansive.  A three day, somewhat methodical battle that yielded 46,000 casualties.

Antietam generated 23,000 casual… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 17, 2010 3:24AM

Parenthood's Zeek Braverman, White Male of the 21st Century?


 Zeek Braverman,  If He Didn't Have Bad Luck, He'd Have No Luck At All

Zeek Braverman, played by Craig T. Nelson on the Dramedy Parenthood seems to get it from all sides.  He’s a 20th century male taking it in the shorts in the 21st century.  Zeek's trying/… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 14, 2010 4:21PM

Rantus Interruptus

I was sitting around watching the end of the 1 O’clock football game rooting against the Jets with all sorts of stuff swirling.  Some fun, some frustrating but accepted, some painfully uncertain.  Shuffling in between those things as the natural light fades in this seemingly lost week… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 3, 2010 3:02AM

Now What, Washington?

The results keep coming in.  Not a lot of surprise although the numbers were on the upper side of the REASONABLE predictions.  The Republicans got the House, the Democrats hold the Senate.  

Some of the core highlights include: 

  • The House went Republican.  
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OCTOBER 28, 2010 6:02AM

Trees for Troops at $25 a Pop (Updated)

Do you have $25 you can spare right now?  Would you like to send a live Christmas tree over to one of the young men and women in our military?  You can do that here.  

It's  It also looks to have been formed by one family wanting to send their… Read full post »

The New England Patriots (5-1) invoked images of the 2001-2002 team that pulled off a  Super Bowl upset against St. Louis by beating San Diego (2-5) 23-20.   San Diego snatched defeat from the jaws of kissing their sister, by having a field goal attempt hit the right upright that would… Read full post »

OCTOBER 22, 2010 3:34PM

The Priceless Value of Old Clothes

A reproduction brown leather bomber jacket bought over 22 years ago from a discount liquidator called Building 19.  Who knew such a simple article could bring such immediate joy when reclaimed.

It comes from a time when I was younger and childless, and certainly a hell of a lot thinner tha… Read full post »