February 25
Weather beaten, divorced father of 4 through a lot of changes and far happier than I have been in my entire life... in spite of the day to day crap coming my way. The ability to find the humor in it all and maintain a sense of openness and respect with those with whom I choose to share my free time, makes it all worthwhile. Expect intermittent rants of whimsy as time permits. And maybe the occasional political rant to get my left leaning friends all in a dither.


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  1. The Bible:  Don't panic.  I am not going to lift the shroud from my blog persona and say I have given my life over to Christ.  But I recall having to read the bible as part of a summer reading set up for an AP Shakespeare class.  (We had to
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Do not go gentle into that good night. Dylan Thomas nailed it.  No wonder he was an angry drunk, because, goddamnit, aging sucks sometimes.

A mere two hours ago, my tail was up.  I had wanted to go running yesterday, but had left my iPod at a different home.  I have… Read full post »

It's a tangled web, this Middle East Peace Process.  Indeed, I likely show my age using that term, as I believe I first heard it listening to Henry Kissinger's thickly accented intonations during his failed attempts known as "Shuttle Diplomacy."

 The latest kerfuffle stemmed from… Read full post »

I heard a news snippet the other day that said there was always a spike in scheduled vasectomies at this time of year to coincide with the NCAA college basketball tournament ubiquitously known as March Madness.  Seems guys are happy to ice their junk and stay "on the shelf" as it were… Read full post »

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MARCH 17, 2010 8:17AM

The Luck O' The WASP on St. Patty's Day

It was 11:45 PM on March 16th as we got into the car.  All throughout the pregnancy, the joke was about having a WASP baby on St. Patrick's Day.  I have the English spelling of the name, Geoffrey, as a result of my father 1) not liking the name and 2)… Read full post »

There's been lots of angst and gnashing of teeth these days over Toyota products in general and the eco-friendly Prius in specific.

That is not the most dangerous vehicle out there.  Sure, it's scary, and it has tanked the stock price, and it makes me mad I do not have the… Read full post »

It was always a bad sign.

 The little boy would get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and hear the piano.

It was a long ranch house with the bedrooms at one end and the game room at the other.  It was a slab house… Read full post »

Parenting.  No test gets administered.  Indeed, lack of planning likely represents one of the leading causes of unwanted pregnancy and therefore parenting.  One might call the sex act Mother Nature’s cruel joke or the opiate that keeps you coming back for more of these things cal… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
MARCH 5, 2010 8:13AM

Boomers "Unrealized" ... Is That All You Got, Brokaw?

 Boomers, Before .... 


(Courtesy of

... And After 


(Photo from 

Tom Brokaw, not satisfied with making big bucks with his "Greatest Generation" traveling road show, has come up with a new one now that his target market is eith… Read full post »

Much ado gets made in the news today about an air traffic controller at JFK who took his kids to work on separate days and allowed at least one of his children to get onto the radio and clear a plane for take off.  Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood before some congressional… Read full post »

Time and again in politics third party candidacies emerge.  They generate excitement within an interest group not feeling the love from the major party with which they have tried to identify.  Third parties get mad as hell, decide they are not going to take it anymore, and set out to start… Read full post »

I am before my television watching the olympics getting ready for the big hockey game between US and Canuckistan and am stuck watching a 50K cross country ski race.  I suppose I could turn the damn thing off and exercise, clean my apartment, or pick up a book, but it is… Read full post »

Call Me a Sexist Pig, But How Can You NOT Love These Kids?
(Photo From Sports.Yahoo.Com) 
 Teenage Male Canuckistanis Have a New Pin-Up Girl
(Photo from 
The Canuckistan Chick Hockey team took the gold medal from t… Read full post »

I Feel Your Pain, Buford.  Jesus, Do I Feel Your Pain.
(Image Courtesy of 
Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice looks over at his misfit son in the movie Smokey and the Bandit and says, "Remind me to slap your mama when I get home,"… Read full post »

A spate of articles hitting the net today such as one on MSNBC found here discuss the rise in marijuana use among seniors as Father Time beckons to boomers with his craggy little finger, sneering and whispering, "That's right ... come to papa."

Now, aging boomers do not mean that there's goRead full post »

FEBRUARY 16, 2010 3:01PM

Seriously? Olympic Curling?

I am not a complete neophyte to the "sport" that is curling.  I watched it religiously during this vacation week while at Mount Sainte Anne in Quebec.  We would come in from skiing for lunch to our condo and flick between curling and The Rockford Files reruns.  (What can I say. &nRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 15, 2010 1:08PM

Indiana Senator (D) Evan Bayh Bails: Cites Tenor and Tone

Another one of the seeming good guys in congress has thrown in the towel.  Two term Democratic Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana has decided not to run for re-election.   The general gist of his reasoning for not running for re-election simply revolved around being sick and tired with the way… Read full post »

Ok.  I am sitting around in my pajamas after the morning political talk shows catching some Olympics.  What the hell?  I am not going to feel perverted hanging out watching men long jump skiing in my pajamas.  Women's figure skating, on the other hand, could be a problem.  (O… Read full post »

Ok, so it wasn't really that great of a Sunday, but I found a way to have a little fun with it.  Kind of a different approach for me.  I was always called "the Black Cloud" by the former significant other.  It was alleged I could find the negative in anything,… Read full post »

A recent Businessweek article talks about a link between being diagnosed with prostate cancer and increased rates of suicide.  The take aways are that, of the 340,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer between 1979 and 2004, 1) there was a 40% higher rate of suicide in the first year c… Read full post »

There I was sitting on the sofa doing a crossword puzzle and waking up with a cup of coffee minding my own business while watching the best news show on television, MSNBC's Morning Joe.  And then, in the middle of it all,  I was visually accosted in a manner that had… Read full post »

I read with interest friend Roger Fallihee's column regarding corporate responsibility after having read Paul Levinson's piece about the recent SCOTUS decision on corporate involvement in political campaigns.  Each discussed the notion of corporations as people, and their nee… Read full post »

This video keeps getting remade with different captions for different events.  Still, it never ceases to crack me up.  



The results are in, the game is essentially over.  It went pretty much as Chuck Todd of MSNBC forecasted on the dawn of election day.  Republican Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley to replace Ted Kennedy, thereby imperiling the health care initiative near and dear to the Liberal Lion's heart.… Read full post »

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JANUARY 19, 2010 8:12AM

Coakley/Brown Senate Race: Results Watching Primer, Update 3

 Time to tweet stuff as it comes across on the TV stations once the polls close.  Link is on the mid right side....


Politics happens to be the biggest spectator sport in the country.  We have one of those rare special elections that has garnered national attention.

We… Read full post »