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MARCH 31, 2012 7:04PM

Why the far right hates healthcare reform

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Pam Bondi, Florida’s Tea Party Attorney General, doesn’t want children with chronic, congenital or life threatening illnesses to be covered by the insurance policy that their parents may have been paying premiums on for years because she is standing up for the poor, mistreated health insurance companies.  Children with pre-existing conditions must be covered, as legislated by “Obamacare”.  Bondi wants that to end.


Pam Bondi also does not want college-age children covered under their parents’ policies because that’s just asking way too much of health insurance companies, who are raking in record profits (New York Times reported in May, 2011, that the health insurance industry is enjoying record earnings  while millions of Americans get less medical care). 


Bondi also thinks that if you have been paying for health insurance for many years, but have had the misfortune of having been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, heart disease or any other serious illness, that the insurance company should have every right to drop you.  She also believes that insurance companies have the right to charge women more than they charge men for the same policy.


The Affordable Healthcare Act prevents insurance companies from committing all of these unfair practices.  Pam Bondi and her fellow Republicans either do not understand or do not care that without healthcare coverage for all Americans, the uninsured will continue to use our emergency rooms for all of their healthcare needs and we will continue to pay their bills.  According to a recent Center for American Progress study, American family healthcare premiums cost $1,100 more because our system does not provide continuous coverage for all.


So when you see Tea Party rallies claiming that the president is taking their liberty, remember that what they really want is the liberty to continue to make us pay for their  irresponsible lack of health insurance.  “Obamacare” is not perfect, but it’s a great first step and is terribly important to our seniors (closes the donut hole), to kids with pre-existing conditions, to young adults who can’t afford their own healthcare coverage and to all Americans who are smart enough to see through the Pat Boones, who’s lies are becoming more ridiculous every day.


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