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March 27
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MARCH 30, 2009 2:24PM

Insect Porno: Insect sex can be sticky/drippy, too

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Sex, sex and more sex.  Dolphins are known to do it for fun...seeing the way they play in water, that's not the biggest surprise.  And when I got the chance to swim with several and to kiss one, on it's nose--it kept coming back for more.  Is that all this world is about?  In a way, yes.  If it weren't for copulation, we wouldn't be around in the first place.  And do insects get off on it, too?  (I'm assuming that people do, of course not every person does...)  So why not get down to the real business of enjoying it...and if not that, making fun of it. Isabella Rosalini does just this in her insect shorts that are also sticky and drippy and maybe even a bit titilating: 

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insects/insect sex

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this is insect porno at its best
Are there supposed to be video clips at that URL?
most definitely--quite a few--i just thought this was the best "quickie"
All I see is a list of titles; no links, no videos.

And I was so looking forward to getting sticky this afternoon.
fruitful, did you copy and paste the link? when i do that, all the different little clips are there and i can just click on them, individually, to get stickied...
OK, it is some setting on my browser not working well. I was able to view the link correctly in IE, but not Firefox. That's really weird. Oh well, back to the videos!
fortunately, sex is usually easier than web browsers! :)