MARCH 19, 2012 4:57AM

Day 130 brings armed raid on Occupy Honolulu

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[Occupy Honolulu, or DeOccupy Honolulu, as it is officially designated, began its encampment on November 5, 2011. Eight protesters were immediately arrested. Their trial will continue in early April. The existing encampment, although much smaller than its Zuccotti Park counterpart, has endured to this day. Occupy Honolulu has been subject to 10 property seizure raids, but both the encampment and public forum continue to this day, the 134th day of continuous occupation. I have been documenting much of their progress on my blog, The DougNote. This is the latest entry documenting the police raid of March 14, 2012.]


Ten armed police and City and County Parks and Maintenance crews under the direction of Wes Chun (Director of Honolulu Facilities Maintenance Department) conducted a seizure raid on Occupy Honolulu this morning at 3am. Police rousted sleepers and seized tents and personal belongings.


14:44 edited video from livestream:


Police raid Occupy Honolulu not because it is a homeless camp (because it's not one), or because it violates "Bill 54" (because it doesn't). Police raid Occupy Honolulu because of its political message, that the economic and political systems do not serve the people. The raids expose the police and City as hired thugs of the rich. The protection of law does not extend to the poor or those that advocate for a fair economic and political system.


Police seized literature and art from the encampment along with tents and personal possessions while Madori Rumpungworn recited the Kanawai Mamalahoe, the Law of the Splintered Paddle, which is incorporated into the State Constitution and guarantees that all who lie by the roadside be undisturbed.


The encampment is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement, and continues inspite of this attempt -- the 11th raid in the 130 continuous days of encampment.


H. Doug Matsuoka

Makiki, Honolulu


[Update 3/15/2012: Mahalo to D'Angelo McIntyre for this 5.5 minute clip from another POV]:



Video edited from 3 POV showing police and City crews seizing part of Occupy Honolulu's mobile encampment from private property during 2/15/2012 raid:


H. Doug Matsuoka
Makiki, Honolulu 

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