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JANUARY 26, 2009 11:29PM

Gitmo GoTo

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Ok, the Right's main argument to closing Guantanamo seems to be that there is nowhere or no one in America who will take these detainees until their trials. As a New Yorker, home of Attica, Sing Sing, Riker's Island and the Tombs, I say send us the mother fuckers.

Sheik yada yada thinks he's hot shit? Just wait till he meets Muhamad X, leader of some locally powerful black prison gang. And let's not even think of what happens to his ass when the Aryan Nations get a look at him.

Part of the Right's game plan is to make the terrorists into "super villains" in the comic book sense. The best example of that is the notion they propagate that the abscence of terrorist acts on US soil is proof of the superhuman effort of the Bush administration.

Death a near daily routine in Afghanistan, Mumbai held hostage for a weekend, Somali pirates at liberty to practice their extortionary trade (guess where a big chunk of that ransom money goes) and we're winning?

Mission fuckin Accomplished!!!

Lets concentrate on Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan, where unlike Iraq,  the real Al-Queda, not the AA franchise: Al-Queda-in-Iraq, is operating. Let's really take the war to them. Let's prove the strength of our Constitution and let these bastards have every protection it offers any one of us. They will still be convicted and rot in jail because their crimes are palpable and emminently provable.

So bring us your terroists, your huddled bombers burning to be martyred, and we'll feed them boloney sandwiches with a side of man steak for as long as they need to be held.



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Hadrian got moxy ....
Rob BLOG whoreavich likes your style buddy .
Send them bitches to New York .
couldn't agree more my man !
Superhuman efforts of the Bush administration
yeah , that's the ticket .........as if !

Like what your saying Hadrian , makes PERFECT sense to me
That's pretty heavy, José. It doesn't really matter what I think, does it...? What matters is what YOU think, becuz it's your blog.

My biggest concern would be for those who are innocent victims of the Bush administration and our fucked up, oil fueled colonialism. Doubtless some of them are guilty as sin; but there's got to be many who are guilty only of being Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time; and that isn't a crime. Or, at least, it shouldn't be.

The inmates of Gitmo have already been held without a trial for eight years in military prison. I don't know what the proper answer is. I hadn't even thought about it until you asked me to read your blog and comment. They have to be held. But IMO, there is a better solution than the hellish conviction you suggest. Putting them in such a violent environment with the established gangs in the system who would surely prey upon them is pretty much judging them guilty before proving them as such, and throwing them to the sharks without a trial.

Doing what you suggest would send another cruel message about the USA to the world, and to our own citizens, that there is no due process anymore; and if you get on the wrong side of the U.S. government, you can expect to be chum in the water. This might be something you'd expect from a nation that has no laws and no regard for human rights. You asked for my opinion, so here it is. Shall the U.S. conduct itself as if we are above our own laws? We're telling China to observe human rights, which is already pretty hypocritical when you consider Gitmo. Shall we behave like North Korea? Or Burma? Shall we go from bad to worse?

OTOH the prison system is the fasting growing industry in America today. We might as well hang a neon sign around our necks. Prisons R US.
Geez, satire dynomite!?....I know we incarcerate a greater pctg of our population than any other nation 0n the planet; I know we have more people waiting for capital punishment than the rest of the world combined.
This subject is full of ironies. How does the self-appointed guardian of liberty and civil rights deal with an enemy with only contempt for both?
your a better man than I, Gunga Din, if you know the answer.
José, I fear that liberty and civil rights are no longer our strong suit.

As for answers, give me the resources of the federal government, and I'll come up with some. Until then, I'm just a lonely blogger on OS without much of a following.
there a good reason a few angry men plotted to attack the wtt, and pentagon.

maybe the fact that they chose america, and not sweden, or switzerland will give you a hint. america has been actively looking for trouble in the middle east since backing the zionist invasion of palestine, killing the prime minister of iran and installing the pahlavi dictatorship, propping up the saud dictatorship, bankrolling the mubarrak dictatorship, protecting israel in the u. n.- well, maybe you're seeing why america is not widely loved.
The Bush Administration reasoned that as long as we had Gitmo we'd always have the image of scary terrorists and therefore plenty of reason to throw up a Code Orange whenever it was politically expedient. As far as sending the scary terrorists to Rikers, I'd like to quote Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, "There are parts of New York I wouldn't recommend the Germans try to conquer."
It's funny. But I still say dump em all out on Cheney's new compound in Virginia--he's the one who owns this "problem."
The Emperor Hadrian! I sort of like Devil's Island and the realities of butterflies like Henry Charriere and Louis Dega. Keep them smiling Hadrian. Pax Romana is rolling over in their epochal graveyard at the sight of our crumbling republic.