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APRIL 28, 2010 2:14AM

Fun with Mayo II

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Some ideas on how to use variants more to come.


Dijonnaise: Add 1 Tbl Dijon mustard in first step.

French beef sandwich: Split 6 in long piece of French baguette and spread with mayonnaise. Layer thinly sliced lean roast beef, Gruyere cheese, sliced heirloom tomatoes and romaine hearts on bread.

 Creole: Add 1 Tbl each Creole mustard and finely minced green pepper and 2 or 3 drops Tabasco sauce to completed Mayonnaise recipe blending well

Crab cakes: To I cup cooked crab meat add ¼ cup soft fresh bread combs and just enough mayonnaise to allow you to form into patties. Coat patties in panko bread crumbs sautee in oil until lightly browned and heated through. Serve with remoulade. Yields 4 crab cakes.

Po’ boy: Split 6 in piece of Italian or French bread. Clean wash and dry 6 to 8 oysters. Dredge in seasoned flour then egg wash then panko bread crumbs. Deep fry at 375 degrees until golden brown. Spread bread well with mayo. Place fried oysters and shredded red and white cabbage in bread.

Shrimp Po’ boy: substitute large shrimp for oysters in Po’ boy recipe

Cajun crab salad: Combine one cup cooked crab meat, 2 Tbl each finely chopped celery, red onion and parsley with a squeeze of lemon juice and ¼ cup mayonnaise

 Chipotle: add 1 Tbl. chipotle pepper powder to completed Mayonnaise recipe blending well

Chipotle mashed potatoes: Add ½ cup mayo to 3 lbs cooked pureed potatoes  and 1 stick melted butter

Huevos a la Caitlin: sautee 1 Tbl each diced fresh tomatoes, chopped green peppers and Spanish onions in oil. When onions are translucent add ½ clove minced garlic, cook an additional 2 minutes. Beat 2 whole eggs with one Tbl. heavy cream, 2 drops Tabasco sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Scramble eggs with cooked vegetable mixture. Serve with a dollop of mayo on the side.

Avocado salad: Cube one ripe avocado. Add 2 Tbl. diced tomato, juice of half a lime, 1 tsp. each finely chopped cilantro, mint and parsley with ¼ cup mayo.


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I got a million of em lol...more to follow
Apparently no one loves mayo the way I do lol
Your avocado salad sounds real yummy. Wish you could add a photo for the SKC. Cilantro is a developed taste for me, I used to dislike it very much, but now I could have it in almost every dish. ~R~