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JANUARY 20, 2009 4:43PM

A good time to buy a car

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Not that I'm suggesting that conspicuous consumption is a patriotic duty, but if you're one of the people who still has a few extra dollars or access to credit, now might be the time to take one last crack at burning oil with abandon in a shiny new car - because there's no shortage to go around.

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I wish I could...if my employment situation stabilizes, that will be high on the priority list. There is a big Chrysler plant about 12 miles from my house. You should see all the cars sitting there with no one to buy them.
I can imagine, Steve. It's so bad that if I were in the market, I would break the habit of a lifetime and buy domestic. Mind you, that wouldn't actually eliminate a Japanese brand.

Actually, a couple of weeks ago we got a letter from GM's marketing with a coupon for $3000 off any new car for being an existing GM owner (we have a 6.5 year old Saab, the second to last artifact of the two income, no kids days). Since the current car is running very nicely, we shan't be using it, but that's a pretty extreme offer when it could be redeemed against a car under $20k.
Good point. Then again, my dad keeps on calling forth the days of the $5,000.00 vehicle. They might be Yugos, they might be Beetles, or even Citroens, but they sure as hell are affordable. 20K minus $3000 is still an investment in this economy.
our wonderful economy has helped ensure i will not be making any kind of investments in any kind of consumerism, patriotic duty or now. yippee.