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JUNE 3, 2009 12:31PM

Sorry US taxpayers: our soccer sponsorship days are numbered

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Last September we the American taxpayers started to pick up the tab for AIG's sponsorhsip of Manchester United. At the time, this led to all manner of jokes about Manchester United playing Newcastle United, whose shirt sponsor was Northern Rock, the UK bank nationalized by the UK government: the Department of the Treasury against HM Treasury etc.

Well alas these jokes mst come to an end twice over: Newcastle United were relegated at the end of the season, after an abjectly awful season characterized by woeful management and inept playing, and Manchester United have a new US-based sponsorAON Risk Services. Seems appropriate somehow, assuming that they are better at their job than AIG.

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Cool! Now I can finally buy that Man United jersey I've wanted WITHOUT an AIG logo...
Wait....an American company sponsors Manchester United? That would be like OPEC sponsoring the New York Yankees.
Kind of reminds me of when the Houston Astros played baseball in Enron Field. Sometimes it seems like professional sports sponsorship by a large corporation is symptomatic of the hubris that eventually brings corrupt firms down.
Gus, yes indeed, just with a short wait.

ocularnervosa, sponsorship is pretty mercenary across Euro soccer - Everton is sponsored by a Thai beer company and Arsenal by Emirates Airlines. Money talks, etc.

Steve, you'd think so. Stadium deals are newer in Europe but shirt sponsorship is pretty established, and in lower leagues it can be very local, which has its own charm.