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NOVEMBER 20, 2008 1:36PM

No Handshakes For George Bush At G20 Summit

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It's hard to tell if the leaders of the world are rejecting George W. Bush or if he is rejecting them, but it's clear from this video that there is ill-will at hand. Is it that the world leaders no longer have to pretend to like Mr. Bush now that Barack Obama is poised to fill his shoes, or is Mr. Bush carrying a serious grudge? Or maybehe no longer needs to pretend he likes them! Whatever it is, I'll be glad when Barack Obama is sworn in and we can start shaking hands with world leaders once again and actually mean it! Check out this video from CNN:


"the most unpopular kid in high school that nobody liked."

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I love this clip! Although he makes little attempt to shake anyone's hand, nor does he make much eye contact, most of those he passes are looking past him and do not offer a hand to him. Why should they? He's the front man for the deliberately orchestrated world financial meltdown! Contempt and loathing towards him are more likely. Of course, if he was chastised by any leader there, we Americans are unlikely to find out due to the "Liberal Media" (that's RepublicanSpeak) that blocks what the Bushies don't want us to see or know.

What I wonder about is this: does George really think he's going to retire quietly to Dallas, where I read he and Laura will live, and live happily ever after? No revenge seekers? No outraged citizens who've lost their savings, their pensions, and watched while the home they faithfully paid for for 30 years became worthless, its sale adding to their retirement income now impossible? No prosecution for war crimes or even high treason? I would think he will spend the rest of his pathetic life as the definition of one who sold his soul.............
They actually "debunked" this on CNN this morning. Bush had already shaken hands with everyone there on the podium, when he did photo ops before the meeting.

But his hangdog, just-gotta-get-through-this-my-God-isn't-it-lunch-time-yet stance is pretty funny!
Thanks, Heather! It's good to know. Though I have to admit to enjoying watching this, I would rather a president that can at least shake hands with other world leaders than not! And they with him.