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JANUARY 2, 2009 3:10PM

“THE DEAD” To Tour Again

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The remaining members of the Grateful Dead have decided to get back together once again for a month-long tour. Though they have been playing separately in their own bands and have, on occasion, gotten back together to play special gigs asThe Dead, this is their first tour together in four years. Here's a special video from the boys:


And here are the tour dates:


April 12GreensboroNCGreensboro Coliseum  


April 14WashingtonDCVerizon Center  


April 15CharlottesvilleVAJohn Paul Jones Arena  


April 17AlbanyNYTimes Union Center  


April 18WorcesterMADCU Center  


April 19WorcesterMADCU Center  


April 21BuffaloNYHSBC Arena  


April 22Wilkes-BarrePAWachovia Arena @  


April 24UniondaleNYNassau Coliseum  


April 25New YorkNYMadison Square Garden  


April 26HartfordCTXL Center  


April 28E. RutherfordNJIZOD Center  


April 29E. RutherfordNJIZOD Center  


May 1PhiladelphiaPAWachovia Spectrum  


May 2PhiladelphiaPAWachovia Spectrum  


May 5ChicagoILAll State Arena  


May 7DenverCOPepsi Center  


May 9Los AngelesCAThe Forum 


May 10Mountain ViewCAShoreline Amphitheater  



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Nice clip, good news - Merry Christmas to the Deadheads :) (I saw the Other Ones with Joan Osborne at the Gorge years back. She kicked a new life into the old songs, never heard them done better.) Thanks for the heads-up, Hal.
Should be a good show -- and the NYE gigs sounded like great fun.

We've got a feature coming up in the February Relix with interviews with the whole band ...
Looking forward to reading that, Richard. And yeah, Donna, I agree that Joan Osbourne was a great addition. Always missed Donna G after she left the band. Those songs were meant to have a female vocalist in the mix.
Yes, and Joan added an earthiness that grounded them. I really loved her take on Ramblin Rose...about Donna G, I am a Donna Jeanne too, which one me some points in the college crowd - not sure what I can cash that in for now ;)
(That was supposed to be won, not one ;)