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JANUARY 22, 2009 1:21AM

Obama Takes Oath Of Office AGAIN! Just In Case...

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56554917After Chief Justice John Roberts' little flub during the inauguration, both he and Barack Obama got together again, this time in the White House Map Room, to allow Mr. Obama to say the oath of office just one more time in what White House counsel Greg Craig called, "an abundance of caution."

Take no chances. I'm all for that. 

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My theories for the flub by Roberts:

1. He choked in front of the cameras. Cameras are not allowed in the SCOTUS.
2. He's so busy protecting the rights of corporations, he forgot about what's in the constitution.
3. His seizure in Maine last summer affected his short term memory skils.
4. He forgot his cheat sheet (see number 3).
5. On this historic of all days, he wanted to be the focal point of history 9and he nearly succeeded).
6. JAPBA (just another poor Bush appointment) heckuva job, John.
7. He was nervous, he's human, and we need to cut him some slack.
This makes total sense, seeing as how Obama found loopholes
and technicalities to eliminate his opponents in his Illinois
political races. He doesn't want the same thing happening to him.
As if it would.
Cris Wallace of Fox Noise say's he still isn't President because he didn't have a Bible. MORON!
I believe he used the same bible as Lincoln, if I'm not mistaken.
Actually when he retook the Oath he didn't have a Bible. Thank you Chris Wallace, my husband owes me 50 dollars. I said it would take less than a day for some wingnut to jump on that.

I'm guessing that Roberts has an instinctive aversion to split infinitives and couldn't help automatically editing the Constitution.
Watching Roberts do that was scary. Like, maybe he couldn't really believe that his guys had to give up power, and really really didn't want to do it.
Or maybe Obama doesn't really, really want the job: who would?
Silly. He was president by noon without the oath, as CNN delighted in repeating over and over. But, hey, if the idea is to shut a few people up, I guess I'll go with it.

Of course, now, it'll be the fucking Bible thing, as if that matters at all. My lord, these people on Fox News are the biggest bunch of fools and assholes pretty much ever.