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MARCH 9, 2009 8:34AM

CIA destroys tapes. What else are they hiding?

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Friday, March 6 

Amnesty International USA posted the following:



An independent investigation is the only way we'll get the truth:
Apply to lead a delegation to visit your Member of Congress today.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) destroys 92 tapes to hide the facts about torture and interrogation tactics and we're just supposed to walk away?

This week we got 92 more reasons why we need to keep digging for information about U.S. policies on torture. Federal prosecutors say that the CIA destroyed 92 tapes to cover up hundreds of hours of what is most likely the U.S. government's illegal use of some of the harshest interrogation tactics imaginable, including waterboarding, a technique that Attorney General Eric Holder has acknowledged is torture.

The sheer volume of evidence that the CIA has proven it is willing to destroy should tell us that there is much more hidden beneath the surface. We won't know what else there is until an independent commission is set up to investigate. We have to hold those responsible accountable because it is the only way we'll be able to learn from and never repeat the mistakes of the past eight years.

If you're as outraged as I am about the destruction of evidence, then register today to lead a face–to–face visit with your member of Congress.

Amnesty International is looking for strong advocates to lead groups of supporters in local districts in calling for an independent investigation into torture and abuse.   

They can't get away with destroying evidence.
The CIA destroys 92 tapes to hide important facts about torture and harsh interrogation tactics. It is our job to uncover the truth.

We will provide you with all the support and training you'll need to effectively lead a delegation. During the weeks of April 6th and 13th, you will take the skills you've learned and lead your delegation to put the heat on Congress – creating a climate that allows us to expose the truth.

You will meet with Senators and Representatives who range from being strong supporters to fierce opponents of a commission of inquiry. Regardless of their position, a face–to–face visit can have an astounding effect on what they do next.

There are already signs that our work to secure an independent investigation is paying off. Just this week, Senator Patrick Leahy told the Senate Judiciary Committee during the first hearing on independent investigations that he alone had received 65,000 emails and letters from citizens who support a commission to investigate human rights abuses in the "war on terror."

Senator Leahy is already talking about the letters you wrote him just weeks ago. Imagine the fire you would spark in Congress if you met with your representatives in person.

The only way we're ever going to get the full story is to piece together the facts. The only way to get the facts is to investigate the truth. You can help lead that investigation for the truth by becoming a delegation leader.

If we get Congress asking the right questions, then it won't be long before we find the right answers.


Njambi Good
Director, Counter Terror with Justice Campaign
Amnesty International USA 



So, I think there are still ways to get the truth out. (- hv) 

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there are ways to scratch at the surface of truth, and perhaps that limits the activities of the sociopaths with government i. d.

but the truth can not come out, without destroying america. there is just so much evil accumulated that the government would lose all legitimacy.
I think they should amnesty everyone, on Gitmo too, and just release the facts as to who sugggested what, for the record, and then say, if no one uses wmd against us, then we don't go back there, and we mail the detainees back to Saudi Arabia and mindwash them into normal lives, and if we see them somewhere fighting, boom. rated