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MAY 14, 2009 4:18AM

Torturing with nuclear weapons and conventional means

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Obama's adminisration is leading Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole area there into a chaos. They want to keep the black hole jails there intact, even to expand them for the war.

At present Obama's administration doesn't need so much Guantanamo prison, but they are not willing to continue any investigations of the crimes there. Because more talk about the crimes would make the public demanding more knowledge about the things happening in Pakistan and in Afghanistan.

It seems that the president's office planned to release only just enough knowledge about the torturing cases to silence the general public. To cheat the public thinking that the things are now fast getting in order. To be able to continue doing even more terrible things abroad.

They spread the rumor about nuclear weapons possibly going into the hands of Taliban, if something would not be done to stop them. With the threat of nuclear weapons the present administration of  the United States hopes to get the general public supporting any kinds of criminal things, which the army and cia will do. 

Obama's administration is torturing Americans using horror stories of nuclear weapon attacks and the rest of the world with conventional weapons and torturing methods. 

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Indeed, the Taliban won't take over the Pakistan's nuclear arsenal anytime soon. Juan Cole talks about this fantasy scenario in his latest Salon article.
Kanuk: we know that the story of nuclear weapons possibly going into the hands of Taliban was created already during Bush's administration. But then they needed the story about mass destruction weapons more in Iraq and the war Afghanistan was a bit sidetracked.

Now Obama started there again a big campaign and the story of the nuclear weapons was retold. It seems to be that the whole expansion of Taliban nearer to Islamabad is a false flag operation arranged by somebody who wanted to start there again a big war.
I've read Juan Cole's article. It is a good one.