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MAY 30, 2012 12:01PM

520 Pages Later

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Most people read the book BEFORE watching the movie, not this time for me.  True to form, I watched The Help and had no intention of reading the book.  But, thanks to a mantle that was thrown down before me, I borrowed a copy of The Help and went to it... 520 pages later my head is spinning.

After reading this book, I want to write my story.  I always knew I wanted to be an author, but I never knew what would truly resonate with me or with a reader. For years I hid who I was from the world, lost friends, conducted shallow relationships.  However, people would say I was relatively transparent.  I guess I was, but I had to be pretty open with most everything in my life because of the deep reality I was keeping a secret.

No one could know I was in a relationship with a woman.  How could I be?  Raised in a Christian household, active church participant, dated men before... not me - people had placed philosophical bets against it.  But all these years later... here I am, standing in the sunny truth of it all.

Reading through the stories in this book caused deep sadness for the segregation that our country has suffered through and is still living in the shadow of today.  As I was reading about the sad, dividing Jim Crow laws that kept the "separate but equal" lifestyle in check, I couldn't help but think about myself.

Is there a potential that today's government could draft, on the local, state or federal level, statutes that discriminate against me?  Maybe it's already begun. Are we tearing down walls at this point or building them up?

I am gaining confidence daily, like the women in the story, to open my mouth, lay down my fear, and share my truth.  I have only been openly myself for about a year and a half, so I am still in the shallow end.  But as I see injustice, discrimination, hate, and prejudice towards people like me, the reality starts to personally hit home.

I may not become an overnight sensation as an author, but maybe this blog can become an additional source of truth for me and spur others on to becoming a complete, honest version of themselves.

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Hi ! Welcome to Open Salon. You certainly have an affirmation for your writing with an EP first time 'round. Congratulations : )
I clicked as I grew up in Georgia and had that book given to me this winter -- it sat there for months as who wants to go back there when you lived it?
When I did read the book, I realized it was not even close to my experiences, but I recognized so much.
My sister was a teenager and beyond in 1960s and 70s Georgia too, as she came into her own as a woman and a lesbian. It was tough for her, she eventually left the South altogether.

If this helps any, a self-described 'very conservative,' but not fundamentalist (my former mother-in-law) woman, who still lives in Georgia, just said to me a couple months ago: "Why can't anyone who wants to commit to each other in love get to? We are just going to have to get used to this (legalizing gay marriage), it's just the right thing to do."
One conservative woman's vote, anyway.

You wrote: "I am gaining confidence daily, like the women in the story, to open my mouth, lay down my fear, and share my truth. I have only been openly myself for about a year and a half, so I am still in the shallow end. But as I see injustice, discrimination, hate, and prejudice towards people like me, the reality starts to personally hit home."
That really touched me.
Best to you on your journey.
Hello HP. Glad to welcome you to OS. You came to the right place if you want to tell your story or just bitch about something. This is basically a liberal blog who believe in marriage for anyone who wants to get married and civil rights for all. Of course, in every barrel, there is a bad apple. Pay no attention or delete them. I look forward to reading your story and speaking of writing, I started here 3 years ago and now have a book out. So work hard and read other people and get you name out there. You'll be a famous author in no time.
Best of luck! I went through a somewhat similar journey --- I was raised Mormon and left once I realized I was an agnostic. Caused a lot of scandal and heartbreak in my family, renouncing the Mormon church is considered the worst sin you can commit. But as hard as that was to deal with, leaving was still the best decision I've made.

I look forward to reading more of your writing --- your style is very straight-forward and clear.
Lovely writing...just lovely. Welcome and all best with your assorted struggles which -- my guess is-- you will handle mightily. Many here are struggling with assorted dragons-- some of us more successfully than others. And some of us art not articulating those struggles as beautifully as you are. So, keep on teaching!
Congratulations on your EP, and welcome! Loved this introduction, and I look forward to reading along as you share your truth.
Hey Just Thinking... Thanks for encouraging my writing - I do love to do it! I grew up in the North so not much of this story hit home to my upbringing either, but I could see how if you tried to move away from your youth, why would you subject yourself to a book that could possibly bring you back there.
My life is hard for me now, I can't imagine going through it back then. I need your mom to talk to my mom for sure! :)
I'll try to stay as honest as possible. I think we were all given a unique story and only when we share it will we live out our most powerful legacy.
Hey Scanner...
I may have things to complain about haha, I'll try not to let you down! A friend turned me on to OS and I have been following his blog as well as swimming around a few ponds in here.
A book after three years? That's promising... I better get on to my next blog!
I grew up in the church, my faith is the only thing I ever want to define me. I hold on to it tenaciously... I am actually still going. I found a welcoming church on an affirming churches website. I'm glad you made the choice you needed so that you could be yourself.
My mind is spinning with what I could write about... can't wait to get to it! :)
Mary Ann Sorrentino...
Glad I found your blog too. Thanks for encouraging my attempt at changing the world through my writing... haha :) I heard a quote in a movie last night that went something like this - If we all swept in front of our own front door it would be a much cleaner world... I guess this blog is my attempt to clean up my own front door.
Help me out - I'm new to OS, what does EP mean? :) I will be writing more soon...
Oh! EP stands for Editor's Pick. There is not really a system that anyone can figure out, but when you post something that catches the eye of the Open Salon Editor, they choose it and feature your post on the front page. Truly, it is an honor, and I hope that this post of yours going to the front page will be additional support and encouragement for you to write your story. Feel free to send me a PM (email) when you have a new post up!
Congrats on this wonderful piece of writing...honesty definitely is the best policy. As Twain said, always tell the truth. That way you have less to remember.
Oh shoot, I maybe shouldn't have asked that question out loud here in the comments?? :) Just looked up to the top of the blog to see the editor's pick label... what an honor. Now I have to get back to the drawing board for sure!
Congratulations on your EP! You are a good writer with an important perspective to share...
By the way, you can click the "more" button at top right, then "manage posts" if you want to edit your blog or delete comments.
Frank Michels...
Thanks for the tips! Why reinvent the wheel, I learn from the best following your blogs.