March 29
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JANUARY 6, 2011 11:00PM

Precious Payment

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Reth:      "I was afraid you were going to hurt me."


Reth:      "So what happens now?"

Doc:        "I don’t know.  What’s your hurry?"

Reth:      "What do you mean, “What’s my hurry?”  All those guys are in the next room.  They’re right outside the door!  They probably heard… everything."

Doc:        (Smiling) "Probably.  You were making a lot of noise."

Reth:      "Don’t tease me.  I’m serious.  What happens now?"

Doc:        "I was thinking I’d catch my breath… and then go for the record." 

 At this Reth is visibly trembling.  She had awkwardly pulled her panties back on, but now she knows they will provide no barrier.  His quiet, continued nakedness has told her that anyway. 

As he holds her face in his hands, staring up into her eyes, a single tear he had not noticed rolls down her nose and hangs for a moment on the very tip.  He lightly flicks it away with his right hand.  With his left hand cradling her head, he notices again how disheveled her hair is compared to what it looked like when she arrived.   He thinks she looks better this way.

She does not know when he had pulled her face so very close to hers.  He seems to be searching her eyes, and studying her face as she pleads with him.

Doc:        "Why tears?"

Reth:      "What are you going to do to my father?"

Doc:        "A man should pay his debts."

Reth:      "You don’t seem like someone who would…"

Doc:        "You... don’t... know... me... girl."

Reth:      "But you…  you made it…  it was nice."

She struggled to find ways to explain her confusion.  It had been more than nice.  She trembled again. 


Reth:      "I thought you might hurt me."

Doc:        "And yet you still came here anyway?  You are a brave girl.  Perhaps foolish… but very brave."

Reth:      "If we do it again…"

Doc:        "Now we’re negotiating?"

Reth:      "I need to know that you’re not going to harm him.  Please. Please.  You just can't!  He’s all I have."

Doc:        "You got a shitty deal girl.  You ain’t got much… that’s for sure."

Reth:      "Tell me what you want.   Tell me what I can do that will make it all right for him." 

Doc:       " You make it sound like this was my idea.  You came to me darlin’.  You came here offering yourself up like some damn sacrificial lamb.  And now you want forgiveness for Daddy?   Well Daddy fucked up… and now Daddy’s in trouble." 

With cool anger now, he speaks in a punctuated whisper. 

Doc:       "What makes you think your suga' is worth that much forgiveness?" 

Tears come more steadily now. With her eyes squeezed shut, she silently sobs while he continues to tenderly cradle her head with what feels like affection.  His caress is in sharp contrast to his words, but she is desperately reaching for confirmation of progress of some kind... wherever she can find it.

When she’d first removed her clothes and come into his arms, she'd been completely terrified and afraid to touch him.  Only with his gentle encouragements had she been able to relax enough to fully allow him access.   Eventually she handled him as he wanted her to.

To her surprise, at some point her body had responded as if to a lover, even though she never forgot that this was the man who held her father’s life in his hands.  Her orgasm had built slowly and steadily and still it had caught her by surprise.  Compared to Louie’s clumsy fumbling, Doc had handled her with a masterful touch.  His fingers seemed to know her and the hard, tattooed firmness of his body was nothing at all like Louie’s near-skeletal frame.   Odd that she should remember Louie now in this bid to save her father.  She hadn't given Louie a thought 'til now.  

Collateral 2  

Now she wants to tell him that she is worth it.  This is all she has.  She has no other power and it's a precious payment she has made here.  Anything she does for him should be worth her father’s life.  Unfortunately she can find no words.  There are only tears. 

Doc:        "Stupid girl." 

Then he pulls her into his arms and holds her nearly naked, trembling form until the crying stops.          

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Awesome piece of writing here Harp.
Fiction, or non?? Tags would help me here.
I thought about the fact that I needed to tag this as Fiction just before drifting off to sleep last night. While web browsing yesterday, I found a collection of absolutely gorgeous downloadable renderings from a variety of different artists. They were almost all erotic or in what I would describe as a fantastic genre. (Men with wings, gorgeous women with horns, etc.) I had the idea to simply select some and produce a fictional storyline that would absolutely support the image, yet come as a genuine surprise to the reader. This first selection was by far the most tame of the selected images... but it was fun to develop.

Mission... thanks for leaving a comment. I know from experience that when I post something at that time of the night, it garners limited attention... but I had it inside of me and I had to to get it out.
Thanks for the shitty deal reference...
Sheeeooooo. "What's up, Doc?" You write really well from a womans perspective (and not in the "first, I think of a man, and then I take away reason and accountability" genre)
Algis... What is an "iatromant"??? Thanks so much for coming by and congratulations on your EP.

ASH... Thank you. I am trying to remember the source of your quote without cheating by looking it up or asking someone. It's so familiar, but it escapes me. Anyway... thanks again.